Universal Animal Flex Joint Support 44 Packets

 Universal Animal Flex Joint Support 44 Packets
 Universal Animal Flex Joint Support 44 Packets
 Universal Animal Flex Joint Support 44 Packets
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Universal Nutrition Animal Flex Joint Support

Animal Flex

If you’re an athlete or especially a weight-lifter you know the importance of keeping your joint health at optimal levels! After a while your joints begin to not be able to repair themselves from the brutal training sessions we endure which are why it becomes necessary to supplement with a product that will help maintain & possibly rebuild any damaged areas! If you’re a serious athlete than you need a serious joint supplement! Get Animal Flex today!

Universal Animal Flex Product Benefits

  • Improve Joint Health & Function
  • Increase Joint Mobility
  • Decrease Joint Pain
  • Help Rebuild & maintain torn/damaged cartilage & joints
  • Glucosamine & MSM

Animal Flex Reviews


Great supplement, especially when stacked with fish oil, really relieved pain in elbows after a month of consecutive use.


I am a 37 year old lifter who has arthritis in his knees and lower back. I started lifting for the first time about a year ago, and have recently started squatting three times per week again. I take a multi with joint support, and it didn't seem like it was quite enough. I added this, and my knees, ankles and elbows have never felt better! The only drawback is that it is a ton of of pills! If you can get past that, then this is an excellent product for sore joints. It is also conveniently packaged, and contains researched and proved ingredients. Highly recommended, especially if you are older and have any joint discomfort!


I stole a couple of these from my boyfriend to see how it would react on my knees and ankles. I tore my ACL and shattered my ankle as a gymnast and now that I am older, those joints have a hard time keeping up with doing CrossFit. I tried a few off the Flex packets and they seemed to work. Joints felt more fluid and the pain I felt when lifting and squatting seemed to decrease.


To help protect your joints from the daily wear and tear brought about by heavy lifting, take one pack per day, either on an empty stomach or with a meal.

Universal Animal Flex Joint Support Ingredients

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Pack
Servings Per Container: 44

Amount Per Serving:

Calories - 9
Calories from fat - 9
Total fat - 1g 2%
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) - 100mg 167%
Vitamin E - 100mg 333%
(as d-alpha tocopherol)
Zinc (zinc picolinate) - 15mg 100%
Selenium (sodium selenite) - 70mcg 100%
Manganese (as manganese sulfate) - 1mg 50%

Joint Construction Complex: 3000mg
Glucosamine (as HCl, Sulfate KCl)
Chondroitin Sulfate A
Chondroitin Sulfate B

Joint Lubrication Complex: 1000mg
Flaxseed oil (50% alpha linoleic acid)
Cetyl Myristoleate Proprietary Blend-
(cetyl myristoleate, cetyl myristate, cetyl palmitate, cetyl laurate, cetyl palmitoleate, cetyl oleate)
Hyaluronic acid

Joint Support Complex: 1000mg
Ginger root extract
Turmeric Extract

Other Ingredients:
Shark cartilage, Carob, Gelatin, Glycerine, Soybean oil, Purified water, Magnesium stearate, Stearic acid

Contains shellfish


Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known by the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” For more information go to


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