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Wakunaga Moducare 180 VCaps

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Wakunaga Moducare 180 VCaps

Wakunaga Moducare is an immune-boosting supplement containing plant sterols and sterolins in a proven 100:1 ratio. The formula is intended to strengthens and balances your body’s immune system using vegetarian capsules. Moducare contains 180 capsules, so if you take 3x per day, this bottle will last 3 months.

Wakunaga Moducare 180 VCaps Benefits

• Immune System Support

• Contains Plant Sterols and Sterolins

• Vege Caps


Take One Caspule of Wakunaga Moducare 3 times daily between meals.


Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 180 Caps

Amount Per Serving:

Plant Sterols 20 mg

Plant Sterolins .2 mg

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