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Wally's Plain Paraffin Candle

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Wally's Plain Paraffin Candle

Wally's Ear Candling Candles are made from only the highest quality food grade parrafin wax by highly skilled artisans and must always pass Wally's tough product standards. Each candle features a unique non-drip tip. This listing is for a single candle, however we also sell these in bulk so you can save money buying larger quantities should you like using them on a regular basis. These candles are non-bleached and made from muslin infused with high quality waxes.

Wally's Plain Parrafin Candle Highlights & Benefits

  • Made From Food Grade Parrafin Wax
  • Small Batch High Quality Ear Candles
  • Buy a Single or Buy in Bulk to Save Money
  • Made From UnBleached Muslin With High Quality Wax


Put yourself in a relaxing area of your home and light the candle while wisps of  smoke spiral down the inside of the candle to warm the ears and ease your worries. 

Wally's Plain Parrafin Candle Single Candle Ingredients

Unbleached Cotton Muslin; No Drip Filter; Food Grade Paraffin Wax

Warnings & Side Effects

Be careful not to drip wax in the ear canal or on the face. 


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