Top 10 Worst Tasting Protein Powders

Top 10 Worst Tasting Protein Powders

So I lied a little bit. It’s actually only 5. Here at Best Price Nutrition, most of our reviews are based on research, clinical studies and trials. We love providing this information. But, what we have seen is that many people want our honest opinions on products, and with protein powder, they want to know how it tastes. Because, no matter how good a protein powder is ingredient-wise, if it tastes nasty, you probably aren't going to drink it!

Why We Did This

We were interested in what our customers and fans thought about protein powders they have had in the past...taste wise. This way, we can help those looking for a new protein not make the same mistake. So let's dive into the worst tasting protein powders...voted by our fans.

#5 - MuscleTech

Now Muscletech has quite a few different protein powders in their line up. The two big ones were Nitrotech and Phase 8. Many people just hated the taste. No particular flavor either.

#4 - Carnivor

This protein is beef protein. It's going to definitely taste different than whey protein, which you might be used to taking. Not sure what they are doing with the flavoring there, but a lot of people did not like the taste.

#3 - GNC

A lot of hate going to GNC for their protein powders. Not only are they overpriced, but people hated most of the flavors. We aren't listing them because they are our competitor, though they are, they were just voted at #3 for the worst tasting protein powders.

#2 - Six Star

Now this is one of the economy brands available at places like Walmart. And if you know Walmart, they want to keep the prices they are probably going to go cheap on flavoring and ingredient profile. Well next to #1, this one had a ton of dislikes. Every flavor people hated. Our recommendation is to spend a little more money and go with a decent protein powder.

#1 - Body Fortress

This was the daddy of them all. I would say about 40% of people that voted picked Body Fortress protein as the worst tasting protein they have ever had. This is another mass market protein. And as I mentioned in #2, when proteins are mass market, they are usually cheap and don't have flavoring in mind, they only have price. That's why you find them in big box stores like Walmart.

*Honorable Mentions

Some protein powders that didn’t make the cut…though people still disliked them, but a much lower percentage of people were Dymatize Elite XT, Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey, Isopure Zero Carb and other non-whey proteins such as hemp, soy and veggie.

So What Protein Should You Take?

Well if the taste is important to you (I would think so since you are reading this post), we have a video we did listing the best tasting protein powders voted by you. This was from 2012, but many of the proteins we talked about are still on the market today and still very popular. Check out the video here.

My Personal Favorite Proteins (Taste Wise)

I also like to give my opinion as well sometimes. These are some of my favorite protein powders taste wise.

#5 Hexapro Cookies N Cream - This protein tastes like a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar. For those of you the grew up in the midwest. It's a more economical protein too, so not too expensive. By Allmax Nutrition

#4 Isoflex Peanut Butter Chocolate - Not only does it taste amazing, it has little chocolate chips in the protein. And they ingredient profile is amazing. More expensive, but one of the best proteins on the market. By Allmax Nutrition

#3 Insu-Pro - I use this after every workout. I love the refreshing taste. It's not really a strictly protein supplement, since it does have carbs and other ingredients, but it's perfect for post workout. By Empyrean Nutrition

#2 Protizyme Peanut Butter Cookie - Wow, this stuff is amazing. Metabolic Nutrition has it's flavoring down. The bad side? It's sooo expensive. Very overpriced. But the taste makes it almost worth it...almost. By Metabolic Nutrition

#1 PES Select Protein Snickerdoodle - Not only do I use this as my anytime protein, I use it as a dessert! This stuff tastes amazing. Instead of reaching for sweets or something sugary, I go into my pantry and make myself a shake of this stuff. No more sugar cravings. By PES

By Jeff Moriarty

May 20th 2023

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