3D Energy Drinks New Gold Cans Coming Soon, What Flavor Will it Be?

3D Energy Drinks New Gold Cans Coming Soon, What Flavor Will it Be?

One of the most exciting times here around the Best Price Nutrition offices, is when a new energy drink flavor is released. While Bang Energy kind of pioneered and mastered the idea of mystery flavors and teasing out releases, 3D Energy and other brands have followed suit and it's always fun when a new flavor hits the market.

Back at the beginning of 2020, 3D Energy introduced a metallic Chrome colored can, something a bit different than the normally brightly colored cans. At that time 3D Energy also somewhat hinted at the idea we may see another metallic colored can coming out sometime in the future. 

Well an Amazon listing recently surfaced showing an all new 3D Energy Drink in a Gold Can, along with a mock-up of what a 12 case will look like, though this flavor option is currently showing out of stock on the listing. The listing is controlled by the Official 3D Energy Amazon Seller Profile, so we assume the mockup is legit.

At this point 3D Energy has given no hints as to what this flavor will be nor has a release date been announced, but since the mockup is ready and it is posted on Amazon we're going to guess these new Gold flavored 3D Energy Drinks will be rolling out in the coming weeks. 

We'll be sure to bring you updates as we learn more and we'll no doubt be posting a Youtube Review on our Best Price Nutrition Youtube Channel once we get our hands on a can. 

3D Energy Drink 12/Case


3D Energy Drink 12/Case | Try the Red White & Blue Freedom Pop Flavor! 3D Energy is Christian Guzman's supplement company best known for their flagship Energy Drink 3D Energy. 3D Energy Drinks come in a wide assortment of flavors and are considered by many to be the Best Tasting Energy Drink on the market, the Red, White and Blue Freedom Pop flavor being a favorite among fans of this brand. If you find Bang Energy Drinks to have too much caffeine with 300mg per can 3D Energy Drinks pack the perf ...

May 20th 2023

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