4-Andro Guide


Prohormones are performance enhancing supplements which are often called precursor hormones and are sometimes referred to as "light steroids". Prohormones do not directly affect our bodies but are involved in building the basic structures for our hormones. The basic purpose of prohormones is to increase your performance and help to increase strength and build muscle. In the category of supplements we refer to as prohormones there's a variety of types of prohormones, some of which are good for strength, others are good for cutting, and some are good for bulking. In this guide we're going to be discussing 4Andro's which are typically considered a wet or bulking prohormone, and who's main purpose is to help users put on size.

Like all of the prohormones legally sold today, today's prohormones unlike prohormones of the past are non-methylated prohormones and are non liver toxic. 4-Androsterone does not block the liver from digesting the supplement before it enters the bloodstream. 4-Androsterone acts as an anabolic agent via a two step process where it turns into testosterone made from both synthetic and natural prohormones. Because it's not methylated it goes through the liver first to be converted before then entering the bloodstream as the main male hormone.


When it comes to prohormones, while there's a lot of different ingredients and compounds, two of the most popular, most common, and most asked about are 1-Andro and 4-Andro prohormones. 1-Andros are typically considered to be lean or cutting prohormones and deliver benefits like increased strength, increased lean muscle mass, and often increased energy levels. 4-Andro prohormones on the other while they also deliver increased strength and increased aggression, they tend to be used to bulk or add on more muscle mass. These prohormones are often considered wet prohormones and may have you retaining more water. In addition to this 4-Andros will generally increase your strength in lifts, improve protein synthesis, aid in muscle recovery post training, and enhance your mood and improve libido.


Most of the prohormones we carry are taken twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening however some prohormones we carry such as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Sustanon 250 are only taken once daily. Check the instructions on the bottle of prohormones you purchased to see how it's supposed to be dosed and how it's supposed to be taken. When taking prohormones they need to be cycled meaning you take them for a designated period of time and then stop taking them and follow up with a PCT as well as a break before beginning another cycle. The Hi-Tech, Blackstone Labs and other Prohormones we carry can be taken as a 30 day cycle or a 60 day cycle. While many people who are new to prohormones oftentimes want to run a 30 day cycle their first time around, keep in mind you typically will begin to see results around week three right when your cycle is coming to an end so for best results run a 60 day cycle.


Taking a 4-Andro supplement is pretty simple and straightforward. Prohormones are best taken with food not only to reduce the chance of nausea, but when taken with fatty foods it improves absorption and bioavailability. Most of our prohormones are meant to be taken twice a day and were often asked when is the best time to take them. The time of day is not really important however you should take them in divided doses ie one in the morning and one in the evening, and try to take them around the same time everyday.


4-Androsterone is a highly potent prohormone and most users report being able to see, feel, and notice results within about 3-4 weeks which is why we recommend running a 60 day cycle as on a 30 day cycle you're just beginning to see the fruits of your labor at the time your cycle would be coming to an end. Within a couple weeks you should begin to notice additional strength and additional muscle definition. You should also notice less soreness after training and improved muscle recovery. As an added bonus many 4-Andro users report feeling their libido is at an all time high.


Prohormones are typically run a 30 day or 60 day cycle. While you can choose to do either, you will typically just begin to see results around week three, so it's recommended to run a 60 day cycle. With most prohormones a bottle will last for a 30 day cycle so if you want to run a 60 day cycle you'll need two bottles. To run a 60 day cycle you'll take the prohormone or prohormones you 've selected for 60 days. This brings us to the topic of cycle support, cycle support helps support your liver and organs and also helps keep your estrogen levels in check. While many users who take 1-Andro Prohormones will opt to skip on cycle support, with 4-Andro prohormone cycles we do recommend you take a PCT, our most popular PCT is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimistane. If you decide not to take cycle support or weren't aware you needed it and while on cycle begin to experience symptoms like low energy, lethargy, low libido, or sensitive nipples you'll want to begin taking a cycle support supplement like Arimistane. Once your 60 day cycle is completed you'll then want to take a PCT which stands for post cycle support. Post Cycle Support supplements help bring your testosterone levels back up if they've been suppressed and help restore your body to homeostasis. It's recommended you spend as much time off cycle as you spent on cycle, so if you've run a 60 day cycle, following the cycle you'll run your PCT for 30 days, and then take an additional 30 day break before beginning another cycle should you choose to do so. While off cycle or while taking a PCT many users will opt to take a natural muscle builder like Turkesterone, Laxogenin, or Epicatechin to help maintain the gains you acquired while on cycle as well as to continue to build muscle while off cycle. Lastly, let's briefly talk about liver and organ support. Today's prohormones are non-methylated and non-liver toxic, however many users still opt to take liver or liver and organ support supplements just to be on the safe side and it's not a bad thing to do just to protect from environmental toxins. If you're looking for a liver or liver and organ support supplement checkout Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Liver-RX or 5% Nutrition's Liver and Organ Guard.


While most users don't experience any dramatic side effects, 4-Andros are more powerful and more potent than some other prohormones and there can be side effects which occur. With 4-Andro's there si a slight conversion to estrogen so using an estrogen blocker is important as mentioned above, this will prevent side effects like low libido, bloating, water retention and sensitive nipples or gyno. Other potential side effects include increased aggression, high blood pressure, back pumps or muscle cramps and potentially gynecomastia ie enlarged breasts in males, though this is extremely rare.


We carry prohormones which consist of just a 4-Andro ie Androdiol, we carry prohormones which consist of multiple 4-Andros ie Sustanon 250, and we also carry prohormones which are a blend of both 1-Andros, 4-Andros such as Anavar or Superdrol among others. By stacking more than one prohormone together you can help shape the results you get from those compounds to meet your goals whether that be more size, more size while remaining lean, increased libido, etc. Click here to checkout our Muscle Building Prohormone Stacks which are prohormone stacks we've put together for you. If you'd like help curating a stack for yourself and your individual goals feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team and we'd be happy to help you put together a stack. You can either use the chat function at the bottom right of your screen or you can call us Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm central standard time and we'd be happy to help craft a stack just for you and your goals.


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