Allmax Nutrition GlucoFX an All New GDA Supplement

Allmax Nutrition GlucoFX an All New GDA Supplement
Allmax GlucoFX GDA

Canadian Supplement brand Allmax Nutrition has just revealed the bottle image of an all new GDA called GlucoFX. GDA's or Glucose Disposal Agents are a growing category of the supplement space with more and more brands rolling out nutrient partitioning supplements or GDA. For those not familiar with this category of supplements GDA's aim to help support metabolism, provide nutrient partitioning and help the body better utilize carbs. 

Allmax has not yet released the ingredients or full supplement fact panel so we're not sure what the ingredients are going to look like but we'd expect to see some ingredients like Berberine, Cinnamon, or maybe something like Bitter Melon, among other ingredients.

What we do know is the new product is called GlucoFX and will come in a 75 capsule bottle which works out to 25 servings per bottle. We'll bring you more information when Allmax releases more info about this all new offering. 

May 20th 2023

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