Allmax Nutrition Meal Prep, All New Real Food Meal Replacement

Allmax Nutrition Meal Prep, All New Real Food Meal Replacement

For the past few days Canadian company Allmax Nutrition has been teasing out an all new product which was recently revealed to be a whole food meal replacement supplement called "Meal Prep". 

This All-In-One Meal Replacement shake contains 5 different blends including a Protein Blend containing protein from meat, eggs, and legumes, a Whole Grain Fusion of oats, rice, quinoa, flax, nuts and seeds, a Fruit and Veggie Medley featuring greens, berries and citrus, a SuperFood Matrix containing mushrooms, ginger, and match, and lastly an Electro Hydration COmplex made up of sea salt, calcium and potassium. 

One of the really neat things about this meal replacement is it's not just another mass gainer with 600 calories per shake, this one can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of diets. For example one scoop contains a meal of just 140 calories, 2 scoops contains 275 calories and 4 scoops contains 550 calories so this can work for a variety of different individuals on a variety of different diets. 

Allmax Nutrition's All New Meal Prep will come in a 5.6 pound tub and will initially have two flavors to choose from Banana Nut Bread and Blueberry Cobbler. Now this one was just announced and released on Allmax Nutrition's own webshop, however we should be bringing this one in here in the very near future. 

May 20th 2023

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