Alpha Lion Rebrands & Reformulates Komodo Pump into SuperHuman Pump

Alpha Lion Rebrands & Reformulates Komodo Pump into SuperHuman Pump

Sometime in October supplement maker Alpha Lion will be reformulating and rebranding their popular Komodo Pump Pump Pre-Workout into an all new supplement called SuperHuman Pump. This is in an effort to continue to grow the SuperHuman line of products, and because the brands flagship pre-workout supplement is called SuperHuman. 

Beyond just rebranding and changing the name, there will be some slight changes to the formula. While SuperHuman pump will still deliver the same skin splitting pumps, they've slightly altered the formula to make it less clumpy, which is a problem with many Pump and NO Boosting supplements. 

While we don't have an official release date as of  yet, we're hearing this one should be dropping sometime in October. SuperHuman Pump will come in a 13 serving tub and will roll out in three flavors initially. Those flavors will include Blue Steel a Blueberry Mojito flavor, Peach Rings which is obviously a peach ring flavor, and Mango Veiniac, which is a Mango Strawberry Sherbert flavor. We'll bring you more info as we learn more and as we close in on the release date. 

May 20th 2023

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