Alpha Lion SuperHuman Woman Hormonal Balancing Drink

Alpha Lion SuperHuman Woman Hormonal Balancing Drink

One of the hottest categories of supplements here in 2020 are female hormone support or balance supplements. Alani Nu Balance has always been popular, more recently Blackstone Labs Harmonize has been tough to keep in stock. Well now Alpha Lion is getting into the game with an all new supplement called Alpha Lion SuperHuman Woman, a Hormonal Blaancing Performance Drink.

This one is interesting, it's a pre-workout or performance drink mixed with a hormone balance complex. You can check out the full panel below, but it contains the things like 150mg of DIM, L-Carnitine, Tyrosine, and some KSM-66 Ashwagandha just to name a few elements of this all new formula. 

SuperHuman Woman aims to help women support their mood and energy levels, focus, weight loss, and appetite and cravings. 

This one has not rolled out for sale as of yet but should be out in the coming weeks. We'll keep you updated as to when we bring this one in!

Alpha Lion Super Human Woman 30 Servings


Alpha Lion Super Human Woman 30 Servings Alpha Lion Super Human Women is the Ultimate Hormone Balancing Performance Drink for Women. This 5 in 1 formula helps with weight management, energy levels, athletic performance, hydration and mood. Alpha Lion SuperHuman Women Highlights & Benefits Supports Healthy Weight Management Powerful Caffeine Free Energy Helps Balance Hormones Improves Athletic Performance Increased Hydration Helps Deal With Stress & Elevates Mood Just 8 Calories Per Serving 5 In ...

May 20th 2023

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