Apollon Nutrition's All New Shogun Fat Burner

Apollon Nutrition's All New Shogun Fat Burner
Apollon Nutrition Shogun Fat Burner

Apollon Nutrition just announced an all new thermogenic fat burner called Shogun coming to their line. Shogun was actually part of the Anarchy Labs line, however it was brought over and given a fresh new packaging design along with an all new formula. Now Apollon already had a fat burner called Chaos, as far as how Chaos will differ from Shogun, Chaos was pretty moderate in terms of stims and had a number of diuretic ingredients in it. The Apollon Nutrition Shogun formula is heavier on the stimulants and also throws in 200mg of Eria Jarensis for a mood boost as well as a stimulant effect along with a few ingredients for improved focus. 

Apollon Nutrition Shogun will come in a two capsule serving and should pack a punch in the energy department, again along with focus, and a mood boost. This formula should help curb appetite a bit but is more focused on energy and focus than appetite suppression. 

The all new Apollon Shogun is not yet available on the brands website, were told it should be dropping sometime in the coming weeks, and we're hoping to bring it in here once it rolls out to retailers. We'll keep you updated as we learn more. 

May 20th 2023

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