Apollon Shogun The Most Potent Fat Burner on the Market

Apollon Shogun The Most Potent Fat Burner on the Market
Apollon Shogun Fat Burner

Apollon Shogun The Most Intense Fat Burner I've Ever Tried!

A while back Hardcore Supplement Manufacturer Apollon Nutrition announced they would be bringing over the Shogun Fat Burner from Anarchy Labs, along with new and updated packaging, and an intense stimulant formula, the likes of which we've never seen before. 

The formula behind Shogun contains powerful stimulants and nootropics, and is the most potent highest stim fat burner we've seen in quite some time. This formula contains 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous along with 134mg of Di-Caffeine Malate making it a combined 434mg of caffeine. Apollon didn't stop there though, they also included 200mg of Juglans Regia Extract aka 1-Amino-5-Methylheptane, and 200mg Eria Jarensis, another powerful stimulant that also provides a sense of euphoria and a positive sense of wellbeing. 

I recently decided to crack open a bottle and take Shogun for a test drive, here's my review...

Apollon Nutrition Shogun Fat Burner Review

Apollon Nutrition recommends taking 2 capsules in the morning for breakfast, with another optional 2 capsules in the afternoon. Let me start by saying I didn't need 2 more capsules in the afternoon, Shogun kept me going strong all day with no crash, and surprisingly while the experience was intense, I didn't have any jitters.

For starters, the experience taking Apollon Shogun is incredibly intense, you definitely get that buckle up, you're in for a wild ride feeling. This fat burner hits fast and it hits hard. The most noticeable thing besides the intense energy is the thermogenic effect, I took mine about 30 minutes prior to getting to the gym for an intense day of cardio and I quickly found myself dripping with sweat. The mood boost and nootropic effect was strong as well, not only was I feeling "in the zone" but I definitely felt that happy, upbeat, positive effect that Eria Jarensis tends to give.

What I liked most about this formula was the intense energy, the focus, and the mood elevation. You can definitely tell that Shogun works. The only real downside or negative I can think is that this one is for stim heads or those experienced taking stimulant fat burners and pre workouts. If you're new to the world of supplements or haven't taken a lot of stims I'd suggest staying away from this one, or at the very least sticking with 1 capsule per day. 

The Final Word

Overall I was a huge fan of Apollon Shogun. Now to be completely honest this probably isn't going to be my day to day fat burner, it's a bit too intense for that, at least for me. I'm someone who enjoys my morning coffee and mixing coffee with Shogun would be a very bad idea, where as with some weaker fat burners that's not an issue. Also, while I would love the energy Shogun gives before a workout or for a day of hiking, it may be a bit intense for me on a day where I'm sitting in my cubicle at work. Overall howeer this is an extremely powerful fat burner, the thermogenic effect and fat burner is the best I've ever experienced and if you're looking for something to supercharge your fasted cardio this is it. 

Apollon Shogun 90 Capsules


Apollon Shogun 90 Capsules Apollon's All New Shogun Fat Burner has to be one of the most intense thermogenics we've ever seen hit the market. If you're looking for stims this one will not disappoint. Shogun packs 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous along with 13mg of Di-Caffeine Malate, they didn't stop there though. This powerful formula also contains 200mg of Juglans Regia Extract, 200mg Theobromine, and 200mg of Eria Jarensis for that Euphoric sense of well-being. If you're current fat burner isn't h ...

May 20th 2023

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