Bang Energy Drink Root Beer Blaze Flavor Reviewed

Bang Energy Drink Root Beer Blaze Flavor Reviewed
Bang Energy Root Beer Blaze

If you're a fan of Bang Energy Drinks there's a good chance you've tried most of the Bang flavors, however there's one flavor you likely haven't tried, Bang's Root Beer Blaze flavor. On the quest to find the Best Bang Energy Flavors many of us have made the rounds through a good portion of them, to date there has to be around 30 flavor options if not more. One such flavor which for years has been tough to get a hold of, and one which you rarely find in gas stations or grocery stores is the Root Beer Blaze flavor. We carry every Bang flavor out there and even we haven't had this flavor in stock for probably close to two years. 

In the world of Energy Drink flavors soda or pop flavors are not common. A year or two back Bang rolled out their Miami Cola, which according to most wasn't very tasty and was a flop. Merica Labz Red White and Boom has a Cream Soda Energy Drink that tastes nearly identical to the real thing, and more recently Celsius Energy Drinks have a new Cola flavor people seem to enjoy, but that's what makes Bang's Root Beer Blaze flavor so popular and so unique, as far as I know it's the only Root Beer flavored Energy Drink on the market. This flavor has been an elusive one to try to get your hands on and online there's many discussions of people asking where they can find this flavor which has been unavailable for years. 

Recently however we managed to get some Bang Root Beer Blaze in stock and had a chance to give it a try, so here's our review of Bang's Root Beer Blaze flavor.

So if you're expecting a clone of A&W Root Beer or a can of Barq's Root Beer you may be a bit disappointed, however this flavor is pretty tasty. I remember back in Middle School our lunch room sold Root Beer flavored sparkling water since Soda could not be sold because it's unhealthy. It was one of the most popular drinks and everyone loved it, that's what Bang's Root Beer Blaze reminds me of, it's root beer flavored but not nearly as strongly flavored or nearly as sweet as an actual root beer soda. 

Now when we rank Bang's, following the rating scale of the popular energy drink reviewer Caffeine Man on Youtube, we typically rank them on a 1-10 scale in the areas of carbonation, strength of flavor, and strength of sweetness. In terms of carbonation I'd give it a 4. In terms of strength of sweetness I'd give it a 6, and in the area of strength of flavor I'd give it a 5. This beverage kind of reminds me of a diet root beer, it's tasty, it's a great alternative, but the flavor isn't going to be quite as strong, and I will say there's a slight hint of that artificial sweetener flavor a diet soda may have, overall though it's a solid drink and a great alternative to a sugar and calorie packed can of A&W Root Beer. Overall on a scale of 1-10 I'd probably give it a 7. 

If you're looking to buy a case of the Bang Energy Drink in the Root Beer Blaze flavor, we currently have a limited number of cases in stock, just click the link below to purchase. Hopefully we'll be able to continue bringing in this fan favorite as well. 

Bang Root Beer Blaze

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May 20th 2023

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