75 Hard Challenge

75 Hard Challenge
What is the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Hard Challenge, also known as the 75 Day Hard Challenge is a 75 Day Long Challenge that aims to help you boost Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Fortitude and Grittiness. The 75 Day Hard Challenge was created by Andy Frisella. Andy Frisella is the owner of 1st Phorm Supplements, an industry leader in the fitness space, a best selling author, consultant, and motivational speaker. 

In this post we'll tell you all about the 75 Day Hard Challenge, what the rules to the 75 Day Hard Challenge are, the reasons for the challenge, and some tips and advice to help you complete the challenge. The 75 Hard Challenge is intended to force you to make positive changes in your life in a variety of your area including diet and health, persistence and perseverence, grittiness, and mindset and mentality. 

What Are The 75 Hard Challenge Rules?

As is the case with many things in life, the 75 Day Hard Challenge is simple, but it's not easy. The 75 Day Hard Challenge is put together in the way it's put together for very specific reasons. The challenge lasts 75 days because 30 days while not easy, is something almost anyone can do. 75 Days is over two months, it's really going to take a certain level of discipline and mental toughness to last the entire 75 days, and if you fail at all during the challenge, you start right back at day one. Another reason the 75 Day Challenge lasts so long is that one of the rules requires you to do one workout per day outdoors. Doing the challenge over the course of 75 days means you're going to have to put up with some workouts in inclement weather which will not be enjoyable, this will really test you and only the strongest will survive working out in rain, snow or bad weather. 

The 75 Day Challenge incorpoates you changing your diet, bringing some new healthy behaviors into your diet like drinking a gallone of water per day. It incorporates reading a non-fiction book which forces you to not only make the time to do so, but you'll hopefully also be learning something new every day, so that adds a mental aspect to the challeng. And the last rule of the challenge is taking a progress picture everyday. The purpose of this part of the challenge in addition to just getting you into goal setting and tracking progress, is that hopefully you'll be motivated as you see yourself and your body changing right in front of your eyes. 

1. Follow a Diet

The first rule of the 75 Day Challenge is you must follow a diet. There isn't a specific diet you have to follow, though it should be a healthy one, but it could be Atkins, Keto, Vegan, Low Carb, the idea is you have to pick some type of healthy and disciplined diet and stick with it the entire 75 days. Now over the course of 75 days you're likely going to have some birthday parties, vacations, long days as work, and other life challenges. This is where the discipline really comes in. There's going to be days where you get home late from work and just want to hit a fast food drive thru, but are you dedicated enough to actually stick with the program? 

2. Workout Twice Per Day (One Workout Must Be Outside)

The second rule of the 75 Day Hard Challenge is you must do two workouts per day, and one of those workouts, ie one hour, must be completed outside. It's tough to stick to working out once per day seven days per week, but twice is even more challenging, especially when one of those workouts is going to be outside in the heat, the cold, the rain, or the snow. Most of us live busy lives and it can be tough to fit a workout in everyday. In order to make this work it may require waking up extra early and getting in a run in the snow. It may require getting in a late night workout after a tough day of work. In my experience this is the toughest part of the challenge, not only because of the high level of physical activity, but also just finding the time to fit two hours of training in per day. It should be noted that an outdoor workout can consist of something as simple as a fast faced walk, though you should still try to challenge yourself as much as possible!

3. Drink a Gallon of Water Per Day

Rule number three of the 75 Day Hard Challenge is drink a gallon of water per day. Drinking water is incredibly important to your health. Drinking water keeps your blood stream fluid, it helps your body regulate it's temperature, supports digestion, and helps your body transport nutrients to your cells. This aspect of the challenge will be uncomfortable for some of you, but over time your body will adjust to it. 

4. Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction Book Per Day

The vast majority of people stop learning once they finish school, but learning is an important part of self mprovement and personal development and should be something we continue to do throughout our lives. Most of us live busy lives and after a long day at work the last thing many people want to do is make time to sit down and read a book, but it is something important we should all be doing. Ten pages isn't all that much, you'll need to make an effort to make the time for this, but it can be a relaxing way to wind down before bed, and before you know it you'll find yourself continuing to read even after you've completed your obligatory ten pages. By the end of the 75 Day Challenge you'll likely have picked up a new skill or at least will have learned something from your reading. 

5. Take a Progress Picture Each Day

Now this is arguably the easist part of this challenge, but one of the most important. Depending on the shape and condition of your body going into this challenge, some of you will see DRASTIC changes over the course of the 75 Days. The purpose of this aspect of the challenge is to teach you to monitor your goals and track your progress. You'll also find that taking a progress picture each day will be incredibly motivating and will keep you going on day that you really don't feel like doing your workouts or sticking to your diet. 

Tips For Completing The 75 Day Hard Challenge

So if you're still reading this article, I assume you're at least contemplating taking on this challenge. As with anything in life, you should go into the 75 Hard Challenge with some planning. If you have a family vacation coming up or a busy cuple of weeks at work, it's not a terrible idea to wait for an opportune time to start. That said realize that over the course of two and a half months, you will inevidably at some point have a tough time because of being busy at work, busy with family, or having some type of social event that can make it tough to stick to a diet. 

There's no two ways around it, this absolutely will be a challenge, but if you understand the reasonaing behind these rules, and do some planning in terms of how to best accomplish this challenge, you'll give yourself the best chance possible of being victorious over this challenge. 

Rule 1 Tip

When it comes to following a diet keep in mind the more restrictive the diet, the tougher it will be to stick to. Also keep in mind you'll have to prepare meals for this diet, so factor that into the diet you choose. The diet I chose for my 75 Hard Challenge was the "Whole 30 Diet". The Whole 30 Diet just requires that you eat real whole foods with no sugar and no alcohol, as long as it's a real whole food that's not processed it's fine to eat. Another helpful tip for putting yourself into the best position to successfully complete this challenge is meal prepping. It's easy to get busy and not have time to shop or prepare healthy meals. Personally during my 75 Day Hard Challenge I would do my grocery shopping on Sunday mroning and spend my Sunday afternoons meal prepping and preparing snacks and meals for the entire week. In some instances with larger crock pot meals I'd actually freeze enough food for the entire month. This made it really easy to stick to my diet. 

Rule 2 Tip

Rule two is you must workout twice per day, with at least one of those workouts being outside. I'm typically someone who works out once per day after work. I initially began trying to wake up early and get in a workout in the morning, go to work, and knockout another workout after work. I'm not a morning person so within about 2 weeks I ultimately decided just to knockout a really long workout after work. I'd leave work at 5PM, I'd hit the gym for an hour and then would head home and get in a 45 minute to one hour bike ride, jog or walk as the outdoor portion to my workout. You may want to see if there's any adult leagues or intramural sports in your area as having a competitive group activity will make getting in that second outdoor workout much more fun. 

Rule 3 Tip

Drinking a gallon of water per day is a challenge. If there was one part of this challenge that was my least favorite, this would probably be it. It's also the part of the challenge that I see the least point in. While drinking adaquete water per day is great, a gallon it could be argued is unnecessary. I have two tips for helping you complete this aspect of the challenge. My first tip is to freeze your water overnight and carry it with you all day. Drink the water as it melts. Drinking a small amount of water as it melts makes it much more manageable. Another tip is buy yourself a tub of BCAAs or Aminos and mix this with a big water jug. Sometimes water gets a bit boring, but having something like Axe & Sledge The Grind makes drinking all those liquids much more flavorful. 

Rule 4 Tip

Do you have a favorite athlete, politician or historical person you admire and have always wanted to learn more about? If so this would be a great chance to select a book about them, technically this is a non-fiction book. Is there a new skill you've been wanting to learn, whether it be a new language, a skill for work, or a new hobby you've been wanting to pick up? If so this is a great time to grab a book on that topic to make this aspect of the challenge even more productive. If you're looking for some good books in the realm of personal development I'd recommend checking something out from Tim Ferris or Jim Rohn

Rule 5 Tip

When it comes to taking a progress picture each day this one is pretty straightforward. Just to make sure you don't forget I'd suggest finding a consistent time of day to take your picture everyday. This could be first thing when you wake up, after your shower after the gym, or before you go to bed, but pick a time and stick to it. You may also want to set a daily alarm to remind yourself. 

Finishing The 75 Hard Challenge

So what happens after you complete the 75 Hard Challenge? Well besides being a tougher and grittier person, you're going to likey be in the best shape of your life, you're going to have a glow about you and a level of self confidence you've likley never experienced before, and you're going to have some healthy habits which will hopefully stick with you for the rest of your life. If you want to continue with the challenge beyond the 75 Days you absolutely can. If you're looking to challenge yourself even further two popular activities victorious challenges do are performing a random act of kindness for someone, and taking a 5 minute cold shower. 

May 20th 2023 John Frigo
John Frigo
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