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Dr. Oz Red Yeast Rice Extract for Cholesterol

Dr. Oz 1200mg Red Yeast Rice Extract for Cholesterol

Dr Oz Red Yeast Rice

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about the tests that every woman should get. Three tests in particular. One of the tests dealt with Cholesterol and how to help lower it. The supplement of choice was Red Yeast Rice. This is a supplement that Dr. Oz has talked about in the past.

Red Yeast Rice

Dr. Oz said that cholesterol levels should be below 200 to be healthy. Any cholesterol level higher should prompt a trip to the doctor. In addition to the treatment she or he recommends, you can also include red yeast rice as part of your daily routine to help lower cholesterol. Of course you should diet and exercise as well. Red Yeast Rice works just like the class of prescription drugs known as statins, blocking the enzyme that produces bad cholesterol.

Red Yeast Rice Directions/  Dosage

Dr Oz says to take 1200 mg twice daily to get your cholesterol under control. 

Where to Buy This Supplement?

We sell Red Yeast Rice in a 600mg capsule. To stick with his recommended dosage, take 2 capsules 2x per day. this bottle with last you about 25 days. Get it here!

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