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All New Swole AF La Madrina Fat Burning Preworkout

All New Swole AF La Madrina Fat Burning Preworkout

Swole AF La Madrina Preworkout

Swole AF is a brand who's known for having some of the highest stim, hardest supplements on the market with their DMHA powered Preworkouts like El Chapo and Escobar. Well Swole AF just rolled out another preworkout, this time a thermogenic fat burning preworkout called La Madrina. If you've seen the hit documentary Cocaine Cowboys you're likely familiar with Griselda Blanco, the character behind the La Madrina image on this thermogenic preworkout. 

Swole AF La Madrina is a thermogenic preworkout that aims to boost energy levels, increase muscle pumps, improve protein synthesis, curb appetite and kickstart your metabolism. While La Madrina does not contain DMHA like many of Swole AF's other products, one unique thing about this preworkout is fat burning preworkouts, which are a growing category of the space, tend to not have much in the way of ingredients to support blood flow and muscle pumps. Not the case with La Madrina. You can checkout the entire ingredient profile below but it features 4 grams of Citrulline along with 2 grams of Beta Alanine for tingles and muscle endurance. It also has a lot of the fat burning or thermogenic ingredients as well including things like L-Carnitine, Paradoxine branded grains of paradise to really get you sweating, Pro GBB, and Rauwolfia Vomitoria. For the stims La Madrina contains a total of 400mg of caffeine which comes from three sources Caffeine Anhydrous, Infinergy branded dicaffeine malate, and Caffeine Citrate along with more exotic stimulants such as Synephrine, Theobromine and others.

Swole AF La Madrina Ingredients

Swole AF's all new La Madrina thermogenic preworkout just rolled out on the Swole AF website and we're hoping to have it in here at Best Price Nutrition sometime in the coming weeks. La Madrina comes in a tub which is 60 servings if taken as a half scoop and 30 servings if taken as a full scoop. It's available in four flavors including Fruit Punch, Tropical Paradise, Tiger's Blood, and Blue Razz. 

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