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Animal "Cuts NS" New Non-Stim Version of Animal Cuts

Animal "Cuts NS" New Non-Stim Version of Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts Non-Stim

Animal Nutrition has just rolled out an all new spin-off of their popular Animal Cuts Powdered Fat Burner, however this one is called Animal Cuts NS and is a comprehensive non-stim cutting formula which features Metabolic Support, Nootropics, Water Shedding, Thyroid Support, Non-Stimulant Energy, and Enhanced Performance. 

This all new Animal NS appears to be brand new as it's not even listed on the Animal website as of yet nor can we find any information online about it. Animal Cuts NF has a fairly robust supplement facts panel and features Choline, a Metabolic and Stimulant Blend which contains two forms of Carnitine, Theacrine, and DMAE Bitartrate. Initially we were a bit confused as this is a non-stim formula but Theacrine is typically thought of as a stimulant, however upon further investigation apparently Theacrine is a stimulant in high doses and has the opposite effect in low doses. 

The rest of the formula contains a Metabolic Herbal Extract Blend, a Nootropic & Thyroid Complex which features Tyrosine, Taurine, and Huperzine A, and lastly a Water Shedding Complex which contains Dandelion Root Powder and Uva Ursi Leaf Powder, two ingredients which are natural diuretics.

With cutting season right around the corner Animal is rolling out Animal Cuts NS just in time for the spring and summer season when we're all trying to get our beach bodies ready. Animal Cuts NS comes in a 42 serving tub and while we don't know the full line-up of flavors, we do know it will be available in a Blue Ice Pop flavor as well as a Fruit Punch option. Again this one is not yet available on the Animal website nor do we have it in stock, but this one should be available sometime in the coming weeks!

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