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Apollon Nutrition Announces New Nootropic Supplement Called "Mind Games"

Apollon Nutrition Announces New Nootropic Supplement Called "Mind Games"

Apollon Nutrition Mind

Apollon Nutrition is a brand best known for their hard hitting high stim supplements like their Fat Burner Shogun and their Assassin Preworkout among others. Apollon is also a company who's constantly reformulating and improving their existing line of product as well as continuously putting out new supplements. Just this past Friday we told you about what looks to be an all new Men's Sexual Health Supplement called Cassanova which appears will come with a custom Apollon Nutrition Condom. Today we learned about an all new Nootropic Supplement on the way from Apollon called Mind Games.

Apollon Nutrition already has a couple Nootropic Cognitive Boosting supplements on the m arket including Overtime, and the gaming specific nootropic called Universal Soldier. Mind Games on the other hand does not contain any stimulants, and features a pretty straightforward formula including 600mg of Green Tea, 600mg of AlphaSize branded Alpha GPC and Cellflo6 Green Tea to promote circulation and additional blood flow to the brain. 

Apollon Nutrition's all new Mind Games will be rolling out on the Apollon Nutrition website this Friday and you should see it hitting our website here at Best Price Nutrition shortly there after. 

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