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Apollon Releasing Jam Packed Limited Edition Preworkout Called "Triumph"

Apollon Releasing Jam Packed Limited Edition Preworkout Called "Triumph"

Apollon Triumph Elite Preworkout

Apollon Nutrition is a brand who's known for their high stim, hardcore and hard hitting preworkouts and fat burners. The brand is known for revamping and reformulating their supplements, continuing to add more ingredients and higher dosages, always working on improving their formulas. Well we've recently learned Apollon Nutrition will be wrapping up the year of 2022 with an all new Limited Release preworkout called Triumph. Apollon Triumph is billed as an Elite Preworkout featuring 15 trademarked ingredients, hefty dosages of those ingredients, and a whopping 27 grams per serving.

Triumph is no doubt decked out with stims to provide energy, nootropics to provide focus, a mood boost and a strong mind/muscle connection, and probably the most notable aspect of this preworkout is the insane pumps it's going to give. You can view the full supplement fact panel below, it starts with a hefty dose of 8 grams of L-Citrulline, 3200mg of Beta Alanine for tingles and muscle endurance, 3 grams of Arginine, 3 grams of Tyrosine, 2500mg of BetaPower branded Betaine Anhydrous. We also have Alpha GPC, Pink Himalayan Salt, two types of caffeine RhodioPrime branded Rhodiola for energy and endurance, and even soem Kannaease branded Sceletium Tortusum for a mood boost. While Apollon is known for their high stim supplements, Triumph seems to be pretty well rounded, not going over the top with the stims while packing this preworkout full of ingredients for pumps and focus. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is a limited release so it will only be available for a short period of time and will only be available directly through the Apollon Nutrition webshop, as well as at the Apollon Gym in Edison New Jersey. While we're unsure how many flavors Triumph will be available in, at least one flavor will be an Apple Limetini. Due to the premium ingredients and hefty dosages of those ingredients this preworkout will be a little pricier at $79.95 for a 20 serving tub. For those wanting to get their hands on Apollon Trumph it will be available this upcoming Saturday December 31, 2022, again at the Apollon online shop as well as their gym in Edison New Jersey. 

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