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Axe & Sledge Teams Up with Will Ferrel's "Elf" Movie for 3 New Holiday Flavors of Farm Fed

Axe & Sledge Teams Up with Will Ferrel's "Elf" Movie for 3 New Holiday Flavors of Farm Fed

Axe & Sledge New Elf Farm Fed Flavors Pancakes and Syrup

In recent years one big trend we've seen in the supplement industry is sports nutrition brands partnering with mainstream food companies and brands. We've seen this with things like Dymatize and their Coco Crispies and Fruity Pebbles flavors as well as Axe & Sledge with their ICEE flavored preworkouts and aminos and their Dipp'n Dots flavored protein powder. Well Axe & Sledge is doing something really unique this time around, rather than partnering with a food brand, they're partnering with a movie studio and rolling out three Holiday themed "Elf" flavors which are using the imagery and likeness of the 2003 hit film Elf starring Will Ferrel. If you're a fan of Christmas movies you'll likely put this one right up there with Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life. 

The collaboration between the film Elf and Axe & Sledge will feature three new Holiday flavors who's packaging will feature the iconic Elf logo and include three unique and tasty flavors which will be Maple Syrup on Pancakes, Peppermint Bark, and White Chocolate Spice. These all new holiday flavors will be Special Edition or Limited Edition flavors meaning you'll only be able to get them in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas and then they'll be gone. The new flavors are expected to hit the Axe & Sledge website next Tuesday November 15, 2022 and will likely be rolling out to partnered retailers like ourselves sometime shortly after. If you'd like to shop our entire collection of Farm Fed Protein flavors you can do so at the link below. 


Axe & Sledge Farm Fed 30 Servings


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