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Bang Energy Rolls Out All New VOOZ Hydration Sensation Drink

Bang Energy Rolls Out All New VOOZ Hydration Sensation Drink

Bang Vooz Hydration Sensation

Over the years VPX Sports Bang Energy Drink has become one of if not the most popular energy drinks on the market. They've also rolled out some spin-offs like Bang Keto Coffee, as well as their Noo Fuzion Energy Drinks, and even more recently their carbonated hard seltzer. Well a few weeks back Bang announced a dedicated hydration drink, but at the time didn't give us much details about the product. 

Well Bang's All New VOOZ Hydration Sensation beverage is now available for purchase at the Bang Energy website. This drink aims to support and improve hydration and strengthen the immune system, and it's been formulated with natural flavors, no sweeteners, and no sugar or carbs. 

This all new non-caffeinated hydration beverage from Bang is now available by the 12 case and in 4 flavor options including Blue Razz, Wyldin Watermelon, Blackberry Blitz, and Raging Raspberry Hibiscus, though we wouldn't be surprised to see the menu grow drastically in the near future bringing in some of your favorite Bang Energy flavors to VOOZ. 

This one just dropped on the Bang Energy website, but we're hoping to have some cases in here sometime in the near future. 

VPX Bang VOOZ Hydration Sensation 12 Case


Bang VOOZ Hydration Sensation 12 Pack Bang VOOZ Hydration Sensation is Bang's all new non-stimulant and uncarbonated hydration beverage with a smooth tasting formula to hydrate your body. Unlike Bang Energy Drinks which are both carbonated and caffeinated this drink is non-stimulant and is packed with electrolytes, hydration support ingredients like betaine anhydrous and immune supporting vitamins like Vitamin D and Zinc. Best of all this formula is made with natural ingredients. Grab yourself a ...

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