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Cognisport an All New Hardcore Gaming Supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Cognisport an All New Hardcore Gaming Supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Cognisport Gaming Supplement

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a brand which is best known for their fat burners and bodybuilding supplements like prohormones is getting into the Gaming category of supplements with an all new supplement called Cognisport which Hi-Tech is calling "The Ultimate Gaming Supplement".

The gaming category is a fast growing one with dedicated gaming brands like G Fuel as well as traditional sports nutrition brands like Ghost, Redcon1, Blackstone Labs and others getting into the gaming space and rolling out gaming supplements. 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Gaming Supplement Cognisport however is quite unique among gaming supplements. For starters Cognisport comes in a tablet form as opposed to being a powder or an RTD drink. Cognisport is also unique in that it's a hard hitting high stimulant formula and is the first gaming supplement we've seen featuring DMHA, but it doesn't stop there, Cognisport also features other stimulants like Geranium Extract, Senegalia Berlandieri, Theobromine, and a host of other exotic stimulants. All in all the formula includes four blends including a Focus, Concentration and Mood Blend, a Tri-Xanthin Energy Blend, Memory Boost Blend, and a Cognition RX and Vision Blend which features Lutein to promote eye health since gamers spend a lot of time staring at screens as well as playing in low light environments. 

If you're a gamer who loves high stim supplements Cognisport is going to be right up your ally. No word yet on when Hi-Tech's Gaming Supplement Cognisport is goin to role out, but we're hearing it likely won't be until sometime in the first or second quarter of 2023. 

Hi-Tech Cognisport
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