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Finaflex Releases Keto Kookies!!

Finaflex Releases Keto Kookies!!

Finaflex's keto kookies are now available at best price nutrition!!

finaflex does it... yet again. Best price nutrition is proud to announce that we now carry the brand's newest product: keto kookies!! these are the perfect, delicious snack meant for those trying to follow the keto diet strictly. the whole crew here at best price nutrition was so excited to try out the new product ever since we first saw the brand announce their arrival via instagram in august. the announcement of their arrival came shortly after finaflex released their delicious oatmeal protein pies just a couple of months prior. the team here at best price nutrition decided to put the keto kookies to the test, and see if they were any match against those delicious oatmeal protein pies... & boy were they!!

Finaflex's keto kookies Review

What's In finaflex's keto kookies??

If you're among the many following the keto diet, but you're still guilty of having a major sweet tooth *us*, these are going to become a guilt-free staple in your diet. It's ingredient profile is Keto perfection. Each serving contains a mere 110 calories & just 1 gram of net carbs. Pick up a box today & we promise you will not be dissapointed. bpn currently has both the almond & coconut flavors in stock. Follow the link below to find your favorite new snack!!

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