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Glaxon Astrolyte Gets a New Pink Lemonade Flavor

Glaxon Astrolyte Gets a New Pink Lemonade Flavor

Glaxon Astrolyte Pink Lemonade Flavor

In recent years Glaxon has become one of the hottest supplement brands around due to their high quality supplements and formulations as well as their bright and flashy branding. One of Glaxon's most popular products, their Astrolyte Hydrating Electrolyte formula has just gotten an all new Pink Lemonade flavor.

The hydration and electrolyte category of supplements is a fast growing one with most sports nutrition brands having rolled out a hydration supplement within the past year or two. Glaxon's Astrolyte aims to rehydrate your body and replace critical minerals lost through sweat making it great to sip on throughout the day, to use as an intraworkout, or post workout to help rehydrate and recover. 

Glaxon's Astrolyte had initially rolled out in two flavors including Citrus Splash and Juicy Apple, with the all new Pink Lemonade flavor being the third flavor addition to the product. Pink Lemonade Astrolyte just arrived in our warehouse and is now available to ship. Having tried all three the Pink Lemonade to me is the least salty and has the best flavor so be sure to grab yourself a tub today!

Glaxon Astrolyte Hydrating Electrolytes 45 Servings


Glaxon Astrolyte 45 Servings | Hydration Supplement In the past many gym rats and fitness enthusiasts used BCAAs for hydration and as an intra-workout beverage. More recently however were seeing more and more brands including Glaxon roll out dedicated hydration supplements like Astrolyte. Astrolyte is great for hydration, as an intra-workout, or just something to sip on through the day if you're bored of water. Astrolyte contains 3690mg of electrolyte salts and 25mg of Astragin for improved abso ...

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