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Merica Labz Reveals All New WAP Supplement

Merica Labz Reveals All New WAP Supplement

Merica Labz WAP Wicked Anabolic Product

Merica Labz has been making some moves here in recent months. They recently rolled out a couple special edition A-Bomb versions of Red, White and Boom, and also launched another new product with their Full Metal Jacket muscle building supplement.

Well, this past Friday the brand revealed another all new product on Instagram. Initially we questioned whether this was a real product or an Instagram gag, but it appears to be a real release. The all new product is called WAP, playing off the hit Cardi B song W.A.P., however the meaning is a bit different. Merica Labz WAP stands for Wicked Anabolic Product. The acronym of the product along with "Wicked Anabolic Product" also stands for the ingredients which are Withania Somnifera, Ashwagandha, and Paradoxine Grains of Paradise. 

No word yet on when this one is going to be released. Merica Labz did tease out their A-Bomb for many months so it could be in the coming days or it could be months away. We'll keep you posted and we'll definitely be bringing this one in once it drops so stay tuned for updates. 

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