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Merica Labz Will Be Dropping 2 New Flavors of Suprimos Just Ahead of July 4

Merica Labz Will Be Dropping 2 New Flavors of Suprimos Just Ahead of July 4

Merica Labz is a line which has been busy over the last year rolling out new products. From their Super Sized Mass Gainer to rolling out some new and exciting flavors in other products of theirs, the brand has done some exciting stuff. 

We've just learned that Merica Labz just ahead of the Fourth of July will be rolling out two new flavor options for their Suprimos EAA/BCAA Amino Acid Supplement. For those not familiar with Suprimos, Suprimos packs 10 grams of all 9 essential amino acids and currently comes in 3 flavors including Back in Black Lemonade, Rockets Red Glare, and Freedom of Peach. 

The new flavors that should be dropping in the coming days are called Wild Blue Yonder and Alpine Pew Pew. Wild Blue Yonder will likely be a Blue Raspberry or Blueberry fruity flavor option, with Alpine Pew Pew being a "Mountain Dew Like" citrus flavor. 

From what we're hearing these two new flavor options should be dropping July 1. 

'Merica Labz Suprimos 30 Servings


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