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Metabolic Nutrition Announces Stimulean!!

by Carley Hanna

Metabolic Nutrition announces new product: Stimulean!!

Supplement company Metabolic Nutrition has just announced the newest addition to their fat burner list. They have announced a product coined "Stimulean." This fat burner was formulated to be a focus and energy formula that uses a strong combo of stimulants.

What's In Stimulean??

Be one of the first to check out Stimulean's list of ingredients below. Disclaimer: Every ingredient under the "Powerful Stimulant Weight Loss Solution" category is a proprietary blend, so we aren't 100% sure of the doses of any of the ingredients!!

Where can i get Stimulean??

Stimulean is currently only for sale on Metabolic's own website, however Best Price Nutrition *should* be getting it in soon so stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to checkout the Metabolic Nutrition products BPN currently has in stock!!

Carley Hanna
Carley Hanna

Carley obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism & Mass Communications from the University of Iowa (go Hawkeyes). While working in the TV News industry after college, she realized her true passion lied specifically in the sports, health & fitness related news stories she'd covered. She has since joined the BPN Marketing team & is excited to continue bringing you articles focused on improving your health through nutrition, supplementation & fitness. You can also catch her hosting Best Price Nutrition's YouTube channel!

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