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New Bang Flavor from VPX Sports

by Kuri Diaz 1 Comment

New Creamy Bang Color - VPX Bang Energy

Bang Energy's New Flavor

Have you had any of VPX's Bang Energy drinks? They are super refreshing and give you long lasting energy and have great flavors like Cherry Lemonade and Fruit Punch! But now, they have announced a new flavor! 

Bang Energy is known for their fantastic flavors and amazing energy! Usually, the color of the cans kinda give you a hint of what the flavor may be. Like the fruit punch flavor is red and blue and the root beer is a dark red and brown. But this one is a little bit different..

Bang Energy also had another flavor they were teasing us about which we think is bubblegum or passionfruit with a baby pink and baby blue can. This one is in the tan colors so maybe a Cream Soda or Vanilla!

Bang Energy drinks have no sugar, no carbs and no artificial colors, so it is one of the best energy drinks for you unlike the competitors! We will keep you guys updated on what flavor this turns out to be or if we find out more information! Keep on the lookout! 

Kuri Diaz
Kuri Diaz

Kuri is the Marketing Supervisor with a degree in Applied Science in Digital Media & Communication. Starting as a Content Writer, Kuri moved up to supervisor to focus on improving people's health through nutrition, supplements, blog posts, storytelling, and fitness, along with being a huge coffee fan and dinosaur enthusiast,

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July 24, 2018

Awesome flavor!

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