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New Bang Mystery Flavor is Raging Raspberry Hibiscus

New Bang Mystery Flavor is Raging Raspberry Hibiscus

Bang just announced the all new Mystery Flavor is Raging Raspberry Hibiscus. Bang, one of the leading energy drinks on the market in large part became popular not only due to their huge assortment of flavors, but also due to the unique way they announce new flavors by teasing them out on Social Media for a couple weeks ahead of the release and having their fans guess the flavor. 

Today the all new Raging Raspberry Hibiscus flavor was announced, however while this is a new flavor to Bang Energy Drinks, it was actually part of the line-up of VOOZ Hydration Sensation, VPX Sports hydration drink which was released back in December of 2021. 

In the leadup to announcing this flavor Bang's videos on social media showed what appeared to be a waiter serving cocktails at a black tie event, so we were a bit surprised this wasn't a cocktail themed flavor, however it sounds like a tasty one none the less. This all new Raging Raspberry Hibiscus flavor is now for sale on the Bang Energy website and it should be in here at our warehouse sometime in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime checkout our huge line-up of Bang Energy flavors below which is now over 30 flavor options.

VPX Bang RTD Case Of 12


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