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New Strawberry & Watermelon Limoncello Bang Flavors Coming in 2022

New Strawberry & Watermelon Limoncello Bang Flavors Coming in 2022

Strawberry Watermelon Limoncello Bang Energy Drink

Earlier in 2022 Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc spoke in an interview about the Walmart Exclusive Bang Flavor Blue & Yellow Limoncello, and in that conversation he also hinted at two other Limoncello flavors in the works. Those flavors included a Strawberry Limoncello and a Watermelon Limoncello which would be getting an official launch later in 2022. 

If you haven't tried Bang's Blue and Yellow Limoncello yet it's a smooth and lemony flavor with a subtle creaminess on the backend, it's quite tasty, so we're excited for the rollout later this year of the Strawberry Limoncello and Watermlon Lemincello flavors. No release date has been given but we're guessing we should see at least one of these new flavors before the end of summer. If you'd like to checkout our huge line-up of over 30 Bang flavored click the link below...

VPX Bang Energy Drink RTD Case Of 12


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