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Free USA shipping over $75 and Under 10lbs!
Redcon1 MOAB

Redcon1 MOAB Is Here...Finally a Muscle Focus Supplement!

Redcon1 Moab

Redcon1 has got to be one of the most dominate brands in the supplement industry in 2018. They are all over the place right now! It's one of the most popular brands here on Best Price Nutrition too. That's why we were very excited about the new muscle builder that they have just released called MOAB!

What is MOAB?

This is a supplement that should be taken pre-workout along with your regular pre-workout stimulant based supplement. It is targeted at helping you build more muscle during your workouts. Not only that, the ingredients in MOAB can help you increase nitric oxide, which in turn is going to help give you some mind blowing pumps throughout your workout, which is definitely an added bonus!

MOAB is a non-proprietary blend that has four key ingredients:

  • HICA
  • HMB
  • Epicatechins
  • AstraGin

These are all great muscle builders and the first time you will find this range in a single supplement. We should get more information about this supplement and how using the ingredients together can help. The flavors available at launch will be grape and cherry lime.

Best Price Nutrition will be one of the first companies to pick up this supplement when launched. So for now, check out the rest of the line of Redcon1 supplements here.

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