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REPP Sports Turkesterone+ Rebrands as RAZE Turkesterone+

REPP Sports Turkesterone+ Rebrands as RAZE Turkesterone+

RAZE Turkesterone+

Within the past year or two longtime supplement brand REPP Sports rolled out their RAZE Energy Drinks which quickly became one of the most popular energy drinks on the market. Capitalizing on that popularity REPP Sports turned that spin-off brand RAZE into a full supplement line first rolling out RAZE Cakes and then following it up with muscle building supplements like LX3, Hard Caps and others. More recently REPP Sports has begun transitioning over much of their line from REPP Sports branding to RAZE such as their flagship preworkout supplement Broken Arrow which recently became RAZE Broken Arrow. 

Well REPP Sports has just transitioned over Turkesterone+ from REPP Sports to the RAZE product line and branding. The supplement itself will remain the same, it will still contain 650mg of Ajuga Turkestanica, 100mg of Ashwagandha, and 5mg of Black Pepper, however it will now be called and branded RAZE Turkesterone+. 

For those not familiar with this ingredient, Turkesterone has by far been the hottest new ingredient or supplement of the past year with nearly every major sports nutrition brand rolling out their very own Turkesterone supplement or Turkesterone blend. Turkesterone is a natural muscle building supplement which also has a strong ability to assist with cutting. 

REPP Sports has not transitioned the Turkesterone+ on their website as of yet, but moving forward this supplement will be called RAZE Turkesterone+.

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