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RYSE Supps Gets Officially Licensed Moon Pie Protein Powder

RYSE Supps Gets Officially Licensed Moon Pie Protein Powder

RYSE Moon Pie Loaded Protein Powder

RYSE Supplements has just revealed an All New Officially Licensed Moon Pie flavor of their RYSE Loaded Protein which features 25 grams of whey protein isolate along with prebiotic fiber for digestion and MCT Oil to boost metabolism. This is an easy digesting protein and has an amazing flavor, so we're excited to see what's in store with this tasty Moon Pie flavor option. 

For those not familiar with what a Moon Pie is, you've likely seen them at your local grocery store or convenience store, it's a tasty confection which consists of two graham crackers with a marshmallow filling in the center which is then dipped in chocolate. RYSE has been on fire this year with not only great flavors but some other officially licensed flavors such as their Ring Pop Loaded Pre Preworkout, Smartees, and Sunny D flavored preworkouts and energy drinks. 

The all new RYSE Moon Pie flavored protein should be dropping on the brands website any day now and we should have it in here at the Best Price Nutrition warehouse sometime in the coming weeks. 

RYSE Moon Pie Protein

Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein 2lb


RYSE Supps is getting an all new officially licensed Moon Pie flavored protein powder. 

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