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Skull F*ck Smelling Salts Review

Skull F*ck Smelling Salts Review

Skull F*ck Smelling Salts

House of Gains Supplements Skull F*ck Smelling Salts are a relatively new Smelling Salt to hit the market which aims to provide users with a boost of alertness and warn their smelling salt is only for the Hardcore. For those of you not familiar with smelling salts, they've been around the bodybuilding and supplement world for a long time, however recently there's been a resurgence of interest and popularity among this category of the supplement industry. In the past year we've been bringing in a lot of different smelling salts including Insane Labz Wake the Dead, Ward's Line-Up of smelling salts, and most recently JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts, as seen on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Well we recently managed to get our hands on a bottle of House of Gains Skull F*ck Smelling Salt and wanted to bring you a review of this powerful smelling salt.

So we managed to get our hands on a bottle of Skull F*ck Smelling Salts. First off, love the name and the bottle art and marketing behind it. Before even opening up the bottle we could smell the ammonia. We proceeded to activate the smelling salts with a capful of water. We activated the bottle, gave it a shake and proceeded to try it out and let me tell you, this stuff is strong. Here at the Best Price Nutrition offices we've probably tried a dozen smelling salts in recent months. In terms of intensity I'd say Insane Labz Wake the Dead Smelling Salts were probably the mildest, still strong but the mildest of the bunch we've tried. Ward Smelling Salts were quite a bit more intense, we tried a number of Ward Smelling Salts including the Hockey, Botttled Insanity, and Doom Cylander with Doom Cylinder probably being the strongest of Ward's line. More recently we got in the JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts as seen on the Joe Rogan Podcast and that stuff is strong, before even opening the bag that the smelling salts arrived in we could smell them and upon cracking the top of the bottle the entire room filled up with ammonia and had us coughing, one interesting thing about Ahhh Smelling Salts is they are crystals instead of powder and it doesn't need to be activated. So how does Skull F*ck stack up against these? I would say Skull F*ck is definitely a bit more potent than Insane Labz Smelling Salts or Ward Smelling Salts and I'd put it right up there with JujiMufu's Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts. 

If you're looking to grab yourself a bottle of smelling salts to give them a try yourself you can't go wrong with Skull F*ck Smelling Salts. If you'd like to checkout our entire selection of Ammonia Smelling Salts click the button below. 

Skull F*ck Smelling Salts by House of Gains


Skull F*ck Smelling Salts by House of Gains Skull F*ck Smelling Salts are a popular performance enhancer used by Powerlifters, Combat Athletes, and anyone who needs a boost of strength and increased alertness. Smelling Salts are becoming an increasingly popular category of the supplement industry both due to their effectiveness and their novelty. Skull F*ck Smelling Salts are one of the most hardcore and intense smelling salts on the market. Whether you're looking to lift more than you've ever l ...

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