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The Newest Bang Flavor - VPX Bang Keto-Coffee

by Kuri Diaz

VPX New Coffee Flavored Bang

VPX Coffee Bang

Bang Coffee

Here it is! If you guessed right, you are awesome! That creamy colored bang energy is coffee! But the best part is that it is keto friendly! Its a coffee protein energy drink! 

But what is in the VPX Coffee Bang? Good question. There is not a lot of information but what we do know is that this coffee Bang contains MCT oil for natural fuel. It also contains BCAAs and even less than a gram of sugar. And of course, you still get the 300mg of caffeine! 

Now the biggest difference between keto coffee bang and regular bang is that this one has protein! VPX Keto Coffee Bang contains 20g of protein from whey isolate and concentrate! So you get your energy and your protein all in one! 

Now what are the other VPX Keto-Coffee Bang flavors? Well, they have released some yummy coffee flavors: Cookies & Cream, Heavenly Hazelnut, and Mocha Madness! 

It's known that this Bang will be out sometime in the beginning of the year, but it is not certain when. When we do get it in, you can buy it here! 

Kuri Diaz
Kuri Diaz

Kuri is the Marketing Supervisor with a degree in Applied Science in Digital Media & Communication. Starting as a Content Writer, Kuri moved up to supervisor to focus on improving people's health through nutrition, supplements, blog posts, storytelling, and fitness, along with being a huge coffee fan and dinosaur enthusiast,

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