Bucked Up Heat Hardcore Fat Burner Review

Bucked Up Heat Hardcore Fat Burner Review
Bucked Up Heat Hardcore Mango Habanero


Bucked Up Heat Hardcore is one of Bucked Up's newer supplements and is a powdered stimulant fueled fat burning powder. Now here at BestPriceNutrition.Com fat burners are probably our most popular product category with Lipodrene and other Hi-Tech Fat Burners being our hottest sellers. Over the years we've brought in a number of powdered fat burners, as opposed to capsules or tablets, and very few have done well sales wise with the exception of Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse which is a great product, but is a non-stimulant fat burner. I think that's about to change with Bucked Up's Heat Hardcore.

Bucked Up Heat Hardcore is a fat loss supplement that's powered by caffeine, it also contains diuretics like Uva Ursi and Dandelion Root to help reduce bloating, caffeine, theacrine and a few other ingredients for energy and focus, as well as a few ingredients to spur on metabolism and thermogenesis. 

While Bucked Up is a brand known for their pre-workouts, this product "technically" is not a pre-workout, however it does have 275mg of caffeine along with other focus and energy ingredients so it could be used as a preworkout and would actually be a great supplement to take for fasted cardio. 

In today's post we'll be looking at the pro's and con's of Bucked Up Heat Hardcore, as well as the supplement facts and ingredients, and while effects are more important than taste, it's always nice when a supplement tastes good, and this one tastes amazing and is a unique flavor with the tasty mango that finishes with a bit of heat. So without further adieu lets dive in.


As we mentioned above, Bucked Up Heat Hardcore is a well formulated fat burner that will help users boost metabolism and thermogenesis, lose water weight and get rid of bloating, and reduce fatigue allowing you to be more active and train harder. While Bucked Up is known for putting out hardcore intense supplements, this one isn't as hardcore as the name leads you to believe. There's no ephedra, no DMHA, and really no intense stimulants. Don't get me wrong 275mg of caffeine provides a good amount of energy, and I'm a bit stim sensitive myself so I wouldn't necessarily want it any more hardcore, but those of you who are stimheads or are looking for a super intense formula may be slightly disappointed. 


  • Good Ingredients and Well Dosed
  • Caffeine is a Tried & True Ingredient for Energy and Boosting Metabolism
  • Diuretic Ingredients Help Remove Water Weight and Get Rid of Bloating
  • Love the Addition of Ingredients for Focus & Mood 
  • This Formula Tastes Amazing
  • Fully Transparent Label


  • May Be a Bit Tame for Stim Heads
  • Lack of Appetite Suppressing Ingredients
  • High Price Tag Compared to Other Fat Burners


So let me first share my experience using Bucked Up Heat Hardcore. First of all, let's touch on the taste because that's one of the first things you're going to notice long before the formula kicks in. The flavor we took for a test drive is the Mango Habanero flavor. While there's not a lot of supplements on the market that pack heat in their flavor, we are beginning to see more of it. A while back Monster Reign put out a Japaeno Strawberry flavor, more recently we reviewed Joe Rogan's Flaming Joe flavor of Kill Cliff, and we are seeing a few fat burners adding some heat to their flavoring. There's still not a ton of flavors like this which makes Bucked Up Heat's Mango Habanero flavor unique. 

I feel like things which are artificially flavored with mango can be a big hit or miss, but Bucked Up nailed this one. The mango flavor is fairly realistic ie not artificial, and it's not oversly sweet or tart. The heat really balances out the flavor and provides a nice finish while not being over the top. Even if you're someone who typically says you don't like spicy things, you'll likely still like this formula. I could see myself taking this like a pre workout supplement and just chugging it, however I could also see myself making a big shaker bottle filled tot he top and sipping this thoughout the day if I'm fasting. 

I can't really touch on how effective this supplement is longterm as I have only tried it once thus far, however as far as immediate results I definitely felt some energy and focus that came on quickly and lasted for a few hours with a clean comedown. I also noticed a bit of a mood boost and sense of wellbeing. While this supplement isn't heavy on the appetite suppressing ingredients, caffeine and spice are both known to suppress one's appetite and I did notice a lack of hunger. 

Bucked Up Heat Hardcore Ingredients

Above you can view the supplement facts and ingredients. One of the first things you'll notice is the label is fully transparent and there's no proprietary blends, that's one of the first things we look for in a supplement, we want to know what were taking and how its dosed. Beyond that, when looking at the ingredients we have a pretty well rounded formula, there's ingredients for fat burning or thermogenesis, blood sugar support, and focus. 

We have ingredients like Chromium to help balance blood sugar levels, Tyrosine for focus and motivation, Caffeine for energy, thermogenesis, and focus, DIM for test boosting and mood support, Serenade for cognitive support, Uva Ursi and Dandelion Root as diuretics, Theacrine as a stimulant, Capsimax for thermogenesis and flavoring, and Bioperine to make everything else even more absorbable and bioavailable. 

We mentioned earlier in this post this formula lacks some common ingredients found in fat burners such as L-Carnitine, Ephedra Extract, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract, and Garcinia Cambogia. That's not to say the formula isn't well put together but if you personally find any of those ingredients to be effective for you personally you may miss them in this formula. 


So overall we were fans of Bucked Up Heat Hardcore. It tasted amazing, it made me feel good, and I'd love to try it later this week for some fasted cardio. While this formula isn't cheap, the ingredients and effectiveness I would say do justify the price, however it should be noted that a 100 count bottle of Lipodrene can be had for only $34.95. 

This is a well rounded fat burner that would be great for someone who's stimulant sensitive or is just getting started with fat burners. While this fat burner isn't necessarily a master of any one area, it is a well rounded fat burner that's a bit of a jack of all trades. 

If you're looking for a fat burner and don't mind capsules there may be some better options out there from a bang for your buck perspective, but if you like a powdered fat burner this is one of our favorites. 

May 20th 2023

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