Does Protein Powder Make You Gain Weight?

Does Protein Powder Make You Gain Weight?


A question we've been getting a lot from customers, as well as a question that's being asked a lot and trending online, is the question of whether protein powders make you gain weight. So we wanted to write a post delving into this topic. While protein powders are more so than ever becoming a staple many everyday people use and add to smoothies, oatmeal, and even pancakes, protein powder definitely still has a reputation as being something used by bodybuilders, power lifters, athletes, and just bigger people. 

While overdoing it with any food can make you gain weight, protein powder isn't necessarily any more likely to make you gain weight than any other food or beverage you consome. For those who are actively looking to gain weight, people often referred to as "Hard Gainers", they typically take a "Weight Gainer" which is a very high calorie protein powder. Most people who are looking to put on weight will likely find that your run of the mill protein powder isn't going to do it for them. 

Another trend we've seen in recent years is protein powders getting leaner and leaner, with many protein powders coming in with around 100 or 110 calories, which is actually substantially less than even a can of soda. 

If you're looking to lose weight you need to eat at a calorie deficit. If you're looking to maintain your weight you need to eat calorie neutral, and if you're looking to put on weight you need to consume excess calories. So the short answer is no, protein powder won't inherently cause you to gain weight, however if you're consuming too many calories in your regular diet, plus supplementing with protein powder, well yeah you'll likely wind up putting on some weight. 

Assuming you found this post because you're not looking to gain weight, we're going to be discussing 3 ways protein powder can cause weight gain, and we'll also be recommending some of our leaner protein powders as well. 


1. You're consuming too much protein. 

The reality is that the vast majority of Americans get plenty of protein in their regular diets and do not need to supplement with protein. Did you know that men between the ages of 19 and 70 are actually likely consuming more protein than the amount recommended by the USDA? While protein is healthy for you, protein does contain calories and if you're consuming too much protein and therefore too many calories you're likely to gain weight.

2. You're consuming protein but not being active.

When I first started working here at Best Price Nutrition I wasn't being as active or training as much as I had previously. I also had access to all types of samples of protein powder and protein snacks from manufacturers. Before I knew it I had packed on almost 30 pounds. It took a good 8 months to get that weight off. Moral of the story, if you're sitting at a desk all day, aren't active, and aren't training, you shouldn't be stuffing your face with protein powder and snacks all day. 

3. You're over reliant on protein powders.

While supplements including protein powder are great for "supplementing" your diet, nothing beats real whole foods. Many people, especially vegans and vegetarians are over reliant on protein powders as a source of their protein. A study done by The Journal of Nutrition had found that overweight patients had a strong association with a lack of fiber in their diet. Keep in mind protein powders often lack the macro and micronutrients as well as the fiber that real whole food has. 


While we're all familiar with the concept of protein powder, many people don't realize how many types of protein their are that make up these protein powders. For example, one of our top selling protein powders called HexaPro by Allmax Nutrition features 6 different types of protein including Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Egg Protein. There's all different types of protein, but typically the leanest proteins, meaning the protein powders with the least amount of calories are going to be Isolates. Below we'll be featuring our Top 5 Lean Protein Powders. 

APS Nutrition Isomorph 28 1Lb


One Of The Best Protein Powders - APS Nutrition Isomorph 28 Are you looking for something to help maintain your protein levels? Or even something to help repair muscles and give you energy while supplying your body with nutrients? Well this one comes with so many mouth water flavors, and what if I told you it has less fat and carbs than those other protein powders? Introducing APS Nutrition's Isomorph 28! What Is Isomorph 28? Isomorph 28 by APS Nutrition is a high quality protein that you can ta ...

Muscle Sport Lean Whey Revolution 2lb


Whey Protein Supplement - Muscle Sport Lean Whey Revolution If you're looking for an all new Whey Protein powder, look no further. Muscle Sport Lean Whey Revolution uses only extra pure, cold processed Whey Isolate & Hydrolystate. Muscle Sport Lean Whey is the perfect muscle recovery drink after a long & hard workout. You can try it in a variety of delicious flavors (Cinna Crunch is our personal favorite), & get your daily dose of Protein, as each serving of Muscle Sport contains a whopping 25g ...

NutraBio Clear Isolate 20 Servings


NutraBio Clear Isolate 20 Servings | Clean, Light, and Refreshingly Fruity Protein As much as we all love those chocolately and rich creamy protein powders, sometimes you want something lighter, something crisper, and something more refreshing before or after a tough workout. Introducing NutraBio Clear, a Crisp, Refreshing, and Fruity Whey Protein Isolate which comes in three tasty tropical flavors, and packing 20 grams of protein per serving. If you're looking for something a bit different for ...

Allmax Nutrition IsoFlex Protein 2 Lbs


Allmax Nutrition Isoflex Protein 2lbs ISOFLEX now features SCOOP-LOCK™ Technology. Together we can put an end to the scourge of Scoop Loss. Gone are the days of digging through your protein to get your scoop. SCOOP-LOCK is ergonomically designed to lock your scoop into place the first time and every time! And it’s right there at the top of your ISOFLEX when you open it! Scoop-Lock is available on all ISOFLEX, ALLWHEY Gold, ALLWHEY Classic and HEXAPRO products and it’s only from ALLMAX. Look for ...

Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein 2lb


Advanced Protein Powder Supplement - Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein If you're sick of your old Protein powder & are looking for a brand new one, your wish just came true. Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein comes in three delicious tasting flavors to help make getting your daily Protein in a tasty breeze! Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein contains 24 whopping grams of Protein per serving & will be extremely easy on your Digestive System. Up your Protein game with Ryse Up™, & pick up a tub today. Intr ...

May 20th 2023

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