EHP Labs Rolls Out an "Airhead" Themed Mystery Flavor of OxyShred

EHP Labs Rolls Out an "Airhead" Themed Mystery Flavor of OxyShred

EHP Labs OxyShred White Airhead Mystery Flavor

EHP Labs is a brand we've just recently brought in with their Hardcore Pride Pre-Workout. Another one of the brands popular supplements however is OxyShred, their powdered fat burner which aims to increase metabolism and thermogenesis and get you sweating in the gym. Well EHP Labs has just announced an all new flavor of OxyShred which seems to be modeled after the White Mystery Flavored Airheads Taffy Candy we all enjoyed as kids. 

While EHP Labs hasn't told us exactly what the flavor is or is supposed to taste like, it's called Mystery Flavor and the font seems reminiscent of the White Airheads, as you can see in the photo above. We've seen a number of other brands roll out "Mystery Flavors" over the past year or two, and we're always expecting a White Airheads Flavor, but thus far none have delivered on that flavor, so we're anxiously anticipating giving this all new flavor from EHP Labs a try.

The all new Mystery Flavored OxyShred just dropped on the EHP Labs online website today and should be rolling out to partnering retailers like ourselves in the near future. 



May 20th 2023

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