Ghost Energy Drink is Getting a New Sour Green Apple WarHeads Flavor

Ghost Energy Drink is Getting a New Sour Green Apple WarHeads Flavor
Ghost Energy Drink Sour Apple Warhead Flavor

Ghost Lifestyle, the company behind Ghost Energy Drinks has just announced an all new Sour Green Apple Warheads flavor which should be rolling out by months end, which is only about a week and a half away at this point. Ghost hasn't been around for all that long, however they've quickly become the hottest energy drink on the market not only due to their great tasting flavors and fun marketing, but likely also due to the mainstream food and candy brands they've partnered with. The Ghost Energy Drink flavor line-up includes flavors like Swedish Fish, Bubblicious Strawberry Bubble Gum, Blue and Red Sour Patch Kids, Citrus, Tropical Mango, Orange Cream, and a Sour Watermelon flavored Warhead flavor which will soon be joined by the all new Sour Green Apple Warhead flavor. 

For those not familiar with Ghost Energy Drinks, they feature 200mg of natural caffeine along with Neurofactor for focus, just 5 calories and are made with no sugar and no artificial colors. Like the rest of the lineup of flavors the Sour Green Apple Warhead Ghost will feature 200mg of caffeine along with Neurofactor, Carnipure and Astragin for absorption and the macros will remain similar to the other flavors. 

So when and where will you be able to buy the Sour Green Apple Warhead Ghost Drink? Well it's going to be available on Friday September 30th, however Ghost typically doesn't initially do a full release, they often run a "Secure a Can" promo where fans can grab a single can, shortly after that you should be able to purchase a full case, and it should also be rolling out to partnering retailers like ourselves. You can be sure we'll be doing a review on our Youtube Channel as soon as we get our hands on a can so stay tuned for that, and in the meantime checkout our full line-up of Ghost Energy Drink flavors down below...

Sour Apple Warhead Ghost Energy Drink

Ghost Energy Drink 12/Case


Ghost Energy Drink 12/Case We've just brought in Ghost Energy Drinks and boy are you going to love them. Ghost Energy Drinks contain the perfect amount of caffeine at 200mg, if you find Bang Energy Drinks tasty but containing a bit too much stimulants you'll likely find Ghost Energy Drinks to be the perfect amount of caffeine and energy without going overboard. In addition to caffeine this beverage has 1,000mg of L-Carnitine, plus 100% of the B Vitamins your body needs. And the flavors are next ...

May 20th 2023

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