Glaxon Drops a New Daily Multivitamin Called "Multi"

Glaxon Drops a New Daily Multivitamin Called "Multi"

Glaxon is a newer supplement line which has really made a splash here in 2020. Glaxon recently announced their entrance into an all new category, the Multivitamin category, with their all new Glaxon Premium Daily Multi. Glaxon Multi is a Daily Multivitamin, hwoever they've also thrown in their Supershroom Organic Mushoom blend, something the brand also added to their Super Greens formula as well as which can be purchased in a stand alone product as well, which we just recently got in. 

Glaxon Multi will come in a bottle with a 30 day supply. Glaxon Multi just dropped on Glaxon's own website, and we hope to have it in here sometime in the coming weeks. 

May 20th 2023

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