Hi-Tech's 3 New Preworkout Products Coming Soon; KRANK3D, Pump'D Up Tabs, & NGORGE Xtreme

Hi-Tech's 3 New Preworkout Products Coming Soon; KRANK3D, Pump'D Up Tabs, & NGORGE Xtreme
Hi-Tech NGORGE Non-Stim Pump Preworkout

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has just recently announced three new exciting products coming in early 2023. The newest additions to the Hi-Tech Pharma line-up will be three preworkout supplements; KRANK3D a stimulant preworkout, NGORGE Xtreme a non-stimulant pump preworkout, and Pump'D Up a tablet form pump preworkout product. 

Hi-Tech is a brand best known for their Fat Burners and Prohormones, however they also have a history of putting out some amazing preworkouts including Mesomorph, Jack'd Up, JACK3D, and PWO Max just to name a few, so we're excited to see what Hi-Tech has in store for us. Thus far all we know are the product names, we haven't seen any labels, no supplement fact panels have been revealed, nor  have we even learned of a few ingredients that will be featured in these products.

If we had to take a guess, KRANK3D is a pretty aggressive name, and Hi-Tech is known for putting out high stim DMHA fueled preworkouts. Sometime last year Hi-Tech discontinued their Jack'd Up the only high stim preworkout under the Hi-Tech banner and branding, so we're assuming KRANK3D will be a DMHA fueled high stim preworkout, and likely will be even stronger than Jack'd Up. Jack'd up features a 41145mg Proprietary Blend which contained Arginine, several forms of Creatine, Beta Alanine, Caffeine, DMHA, Agmatine, and Schisandra Chinensis Berry. We're going to guess KRANK3D will likely contain a hefty doses of Caffeine and DMHA, likely a few exotic stimulants like Theobromine, Synephrine, and maybe Higenamine or Hordenine, and maybe some Yohimbine as well.

For NGorge Xtreme, and again pure speculation here, but we're anticipating a potent blend of Citrulline, Arginine, Agmatine, and possibly some Pine Bark as well. Hi-Tech currently has a non-stim pump preworkout on the market called N.O. Overload, it's not clear whether the new NGorge Xtreme will replace NO Overload, or sell alongside it.

And lastly, for the Pump'D Up Tablets, we're not quite sure what to expect. The supplement category of pump tablets or capsules is  growing one. In recent months Axe & Sledge put out Pumpies and Performax Labs put out 3D Pump, just to name a few. We're guessing Hi-Tech's new Pump'D Up Tablets will feature some combination of Citrulline, Glycerol, and Agmatine. And for any and all of these products, Hi-Tech is known for putting out some premium patented and branded ingredients of their own, so we're guessing we may see some new premium branded ingredients as well. 

Again, at this point we've only heard the names, we've not yet seen labels or formulas or even heard any rumors so all of this is pure speculation, however we're anxiously awaiting these new offerings from Hi-Tech as they never disappoint. We'll keep you in the loop as we learn more. 

May 20th 2023

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