How to Become a Fitness Influencer, Turn Your Passion Into Income

How to Become a Fitness Influencer, Turn Your Passion Into Income


So you want to become a Fitness Influencer? In this post we're going to talk about Fitness Influencers, Affiliate Marketing, and how to turn your passion and interest in the fitness and supplement industry into a profitable side hustle, and potentially even a fulltime income. Imagine if you could make money staying in shape, trying new supplements, sharing your workouts and helping others reach their fitness goals. That would be pretty cool right?

Here at BestPriceNutrition.Com we run an affiliate program. For anyone completely new to the topic of influencer marketing, making money online, and affiliate marketing, an affiliate program in simple terms is a program where you promote our website and our products, and in return we give you 12% of each sale you bring to us. If you're interested in joining our affiliate program you can do so by clicking here. We have one of the highest payouts in the industry, and one of the longest cookie times, if you're confused by those terms, don't worry, we'll get into that later. 

This post is to help you explore ways that you can turn your passion, knowledge, and interest in the health, supplement and fitness space into money in your bank account, so without further adue let's jump on into this.


Fitness Influencers are typically individuals who are content creators ie Youtubers, Instagrammers, and Bloggers, who share their lifestyle, diets, and workout routines they follow in their daily life with others who have similar goals and similar missions. Some of these Fitness Influencers are sponsored by an athletic apparel company or supplement company, while others are more independent and earn their money through sponsored brand deals and affiliate programs as mentioned above. 

Here's an important thing you should know though. Not everyone is interested in going on camera or wants to share so many intimate details about their life. No worries, you don't have to be an influencer to profit off your interest in and knowledge of the fitness and supplement industry. There's also bloggers and other content creators who do well without necessarily being the personality behind their brand.

There's also different ways content creators drive traffic and capture people's attention which is really what affiliate marketing and being an influencer is all about. If you follow some Blogs, Youtubers, or Instagrammers in the Fitness Space you can probably tell how many have different styles. One may be a personality or almost a celebrity, where another is an average person sharing their fitness journey and what they are doing. For those who feel intimidated by "teaching" others, follow the strategy of "document don't create". It's very difficult and sometimes intimidating to create content, but it's very easy to document what your doing. Are you currently in the process of going through a physique overhaul? Are you trying a new diet? Are you trying out a new method of meal prepping? Simply document what your doing and share it with your audience.

There's others who have headless blogs or headless Youtube Channels. What do we mean by this? While some Youtube Channels and Blogs have a face behind the brand or someone who's the personality front and center, there's plenty of blogs out there that are informational without being based on an individual. This could be something like a blog that reviews different workout courses, reviews different supplements, or informs those interested in the industry about new products and supplements hitting the market. Just get creative, it's all about driving web traffic and capturing people's attention.


Okay, so you're familiar with what a fitness influencer is, but logistically speaking how do they actually make money? Who is paying them? That's what we're going to dive into in this section. 

So everyone is going to monetize what they are doing differently, and the type of platform your on, as well as the type of conent you create will play a role in how you choose to earn your money. So let's dive into some different ways fitness content creators or influencers earn their income...



Many fitness influencers will be sponsored by a supplement brand, supplement retailer, or fitness apparel company. They'll often be given free products, free apparel and swag, and are expected to be a brand ambassador for said brand. If you ever see an Instagram profile with a supplement brands link or Instagram Bio in their profile this is likely a sponsored athlete or sponsored influencer. As far as what these agreements look like, they will all be different, however it may include something like the athlete or influencer is required to wear the brands clothing or swag in "x" number of posts per month, has to feature or mention the brand in "x" number of posts per month, etc. This will typically be an ongoing payment made month in and month out and will differ from an independent influencer who does a one off sponsored post. 

Sponsored Posts

Unlike sponsorships which we discussed above, a sponsored post is not an ongoing relationship but a single post. A brand or retailers may reach out to an influencer and say "we have a new protein powder we just rolled out and were looking to promote, would you do a sponsored post for us?" In this scenario a brand may say we'll give you $500 to make a post about our protein powder or to post a photo of a tub of the powder or you drinking the protein powder. Typically a cash payment is made for the post, however it can be incentivized by including an affiliate arrangement ie we'll also give you 10% of all sales driven by this post. 

Youtube Partners

If you've watched Youtube, which I imagine all of you have, you've no doubt seen ads on Youtube. When an ad is played on a video the creator of the video will earn money depending on how many views the video gets and how many people see the ad. This is referred to as being a Youtube Partner. In order to become a Youtube Partner you'll need to have 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time, and you'll need to apply to the program. This income is something you have very little control over and something which can fluctuate quite a bit so it's best to have other means of monetizing your content, however this is a nice little bonus and is very passive. 

Affiliate Marketing

We briefly explained affiliate marketing at the beginning of this post. We'll use our affiliate program as an example. You can join our affiliate program by filling out the application in the footer of our website. We'll approve you and you'll then be able to create custom links to our homepage, or individual product pages which have a tracking code which lets us know you sent that traffic and the sale is ours. We pay a 12% commission on each sale you drive to us, and have a 30 day cookie. A cookie is what allows us to track that a sale came from you. If you send someone to our site and they don't make a purchase, but come back 28 days later and buy, you still get credit for that sale. If you send someone to our site and they don't buy, but come back 35 days later and buy you will not get credit for that sale as it will be considered an unqualified commission. Affiliate marketing is nice in that unlike a sponsored post where your guaranteed a certain amount of money, but also capped at a certain amount of money, with affiliate marketing there's no ceiling on how much you can earn. Some of our affiliates make as much as $5,000 per mont and even outside of our program, there's affiliates making tens if not even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. 


Now this is entirely up to you, but I would encourage you to get creative. I'd also suggest catering to your strenghts. If you're uncomfortable on camera or a bad speaker then doing Youtube or Instagram Live probably isn't the best type of content to create for you. If you're a great writer maybe consider starting a blog. If you have a deep understanding of community building and designing websites maybe create a forum. If you love Twitter maybe setup a Twitter account that shares a supplement deal of the day or shares a fitness tip of the day. Get creative, anything that drives traffic or gets people's attention is a way to drive them to monetize that attention and earn a profit for yourself. 

In terms of our current affiliates and influencers we work with, people have a variety of different strategies. Some of our affiliates have a personal brand and share their lifestyle, workouts, and day to day activities on Instagram or Youtube. We have other affiliates who are personal trainers or own a gym and are constantly recommending products to clients and figure they may as well make some money on those recommendations. We have some affiliates who promote products and share knoweldge on social media, and others who have in depth blogs on supplements like fat burners or prohormones reviewing various products or instructing people on how to take products. We also have some Youtubers who do supplement news and reviews. 


So this sounds interesting to you and you want to give it a shot, but you're unsure how to get started. Begin by deciding what type of content you want to create. Come up with a name for your blog, Youtube Channel, or personal brand. Then buy a domain, lockdown all the social media profiles for that name, and start creating content. 

In terms of monetizing the content, you'll need to build an audience before brands want to sponsor posts or sponsor you, however affiliate marketing is a great way to get started as pretty much anyone can join an affiliate program. Begin monetizing your content with affiliate links and as your influence and subscriber counts grow you can then add methods of monetization like joining the Youtube Partner Program and getting sponsorships from brands.

If you're interested in joining our Affiliate Program here at BestPriceNutrition.Com just click the link below and fill out the application. I'm the affiliate manager so feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I also work closely with our influencers so if you're interested in a custom coupon code for your audience reach out to me. On occasion we'll also provide our affiliates with free products to review or we'll provide prizes, products, or swag for our affiliates to run giveaways or contests. You can reach out to me at jfrigo@bestpricenutrition.Com. 

May 20th 2023

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