Insane Labz "Wake The Dead" New Scented Smelling Salts

Insane Labz "Wake The Dead" New Scented Smelling Salts
Insane Labz Wake The Dead Smelling Salts

Insane Labz has just announced an all new product called "Wake The Dead" coming soon. Wake the dead is a product we haven't seen before from a mainstream supplement brand, it's a scented smelling salt.

You may or may not be familiar with smelling salts, but chances are you've seen on a television show or movie when someone passes out and they crack a tube of smelling salts and put it under their nose to wake them up. Smelling Salts, also known as ammonia inhalants, are a chemical compound which is often used to arouse consciousness. Smelling Salts have been used as far back as Roman times, however it's not something we've seen much of in the supplement arena. 

Insane Labz announced in an Instagram post yesterday however that they have an all new smelling salt product coming out called "Wake The Dead Extremely Potent Smelling Salts". What's even more unique about their product is these smelling salts are enhanced with a Spearmint scent. 

That's all the information Insane Labz and The Mad Chemist have released thus far, no word on an official release date as of yet. That said this looks like a very unique product and we can't wait to get it in and give it a try. We'll keep you updated as to when you can expect this one to hit our shop.

May 20th 2023

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