"Jim Buddy Protein Donuts" Changes Their Name to "Wow Protein Donuts"

"Jim Buddy Protein Donuts" Changes Their Name to "Wow Protein Donuts"

Last year a new brand and new functional food line we brought in was Jim Buddy and their protein donuts. A couple years back in 2019 the brand revamped their packaging and branding with an updated more modern look as well as two new flavor additions including Chocolate and Cake Batter. 

Well the brand just announced another rebranding, although this time the brand will be getting an entirely new name, Jim Buddy Donuts will now be "Wow! Protein Donuts". The the growing popularity of protein snacks and functional foods it appears Jim Budddy wants to appeal to a wider audience than just fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. 

The brand says  the name comes from people's reaction to the donuts which is "Wow, that donut is good" hence the name "Wow! Protein Donuts". Currently the brands website is down and password protected, however you can enter your e-mail to find out when they launch again. Currently at the time of the writing of this post we are out of stock, but once these tasty donuts come back you'll be able to purchase at the link below... 

Jim Buddy Protein Donut 10/Box


Protein Snack - Jim Buddy Protein Donut If you're looking for a delicious tasting protein snack, & if you like donuts, look no further!! Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts are the perfect & guilt free on-the-go snack to help curb your sweets cravings!! Each donut contains just 6 grams of sugar & 160 calories!! If you're looking to change up your afternoon snack game, give this product a try. Introducing Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts!! Jim Buddy Protein Donut Benefits Contains 14g Of Protein Guilt Free, 160 ...

May 20th 2023

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