Just In, Bird Brain Energy, New Nootropic Energy Drink

Just In, Bird Brain Energy, New Nootropic Energy Drink

One of the most popular categories of the supplement industry seems to be Energy Drinks. Whether we're talking Bang Energy Drinks, 3D Energy Drinks, or Raze, there always a lot of exciting products and flavors hitting the market. 

One such product we've just recently learned about, and ultimately wound up bringing in, is Bird Brain Nootropic Energy Beverages. 

Nootropics are also a hot and growing category of supplements so it only makes sense to bring the two together. Bird Brain Energy is a newer company who makes Nootropic RTD Beverages, but something that sets themself apart from some others is they also use no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

While the beverage does come in three flavors including Original Citrus, Berry Lemonade, and Sour Apple, we've brought in the Original Citrus to start with. This formula has a good profile of Vitamins and Nootropic ingredients and is great for those who find Bang and other energy drinks to be either too caffeinated or too sweet. Bird Brain comes in with a moderate 150mg of caffeine and isn't overly sweet while still tasting great. 

If you'd like to checkout this all new Nootropic Energy Drink you can do so at the link below...

Bird Brain Energy 12/case


Bird Brain Nootropic Energy Drink 12/Case | Brain Boosting Nootropic Energy Beverage Bird Brain Energy is one of the newer products we've brought into our shop. Bird Brain is an all natural Nootropic Energy Drink which aims to provide users with enhanced brain function, better focus, better mood, and an extra kick of energy. Bird Brain Energy Drinks contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colors. Bird Brain Energy Drink Product Features Formulated With Nootropic Ingredients Optimize ...

May 20th 2023

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