Merica Labz New "F-Bomb" Extreme Stim Preworkout Coming Soon!

Merica Labz New "F-Bomb" Extreme Stim Preworkout Coming Soon!
Merica Labz F-Bomb Preworkout

Merica Labz is a Hardcore and Patriotic themed supplement brand who puts out some amazing high quality supplements like their Patriot's Whey and Red White and Boom Preworkouts and RTD Energy Drinks, just to name a few. Well Merica Labz recently took to Instagram to announce an all new supplement coming soon, the all new product from Merica Labz will be named F-Bomb and is billed as being a "Extreme Stim Preworkout". 

Merica Labz isn't new to this, in similar fashion to Apollon Nutrition and other brands, Merica Labz has already reformulated or put out spin-offs of existing supplements in their line-up such as the Napalm Edition preworkout spin-off of Red White and Boom, Z-Bomb, Castle Bravo, and others. Well Merica Labz has released the formula behind the upcoming F-Bomb Preworkout and it will feature a whopping 6400mg of Beta Alanine, sure to give you the tingles, along with 1500mg Nitrosigine, 1000mg Tyrosine, 400mg Caffeine, 300mg Eria Jarensis for a mood boost and motivation and a host of other stimulants and nootropics. 

Merica Labz all new F-Bomb appears to have some unique flavors as well, though they haven't officially named them, and they did block them out on their image teasers, but the new flavors appear to be the old school candy Smartees as well as what looks to be a Dippin Sticks flavored option as well. This all new Extreme Stim preworkout should be available on the Merica Labz website sometime in the next week before shipping out to partnered retailers as well. 

Merica Labz F-Bomb Preworkout Ingredients

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May 20th 2023

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