Metabolic Nutrition's All New Hydra EAA

Metabolic Nutrition's All New Hydra EAA

Metabolic Nutrition has just rolled out an all new EAA Amino Acid Supplement called "Hydra EAA" which aims to increase protein synthesis, promote lean muscle growth, provide whole body hydration and a boost of energy as well as physical and mental performance. Now this isn't your run of the mill amino formula, Hydra EAA contains several fully transparent blends including a Critical B Vitamins Blend, Critical Electrolytes Blend, Essential & Conditional Essential Amino Acid Blend, a Carbohydrate, Sugar and Insulin Stabilizing Blend, and lastly a Hydration Modulator blend which consists of HydraMax Glyerol and Coconut Water Concentrate. The formula appears to be pretty well dosed as well packing a best in class 18,150mg of EAAs, 9,000mg BCAAs, 5000mg Glutamine, 2000mg Coconut Water and Glycerol, and 1500mg of Electrolytes.

This all new offering from Metabolic Nutrition comes in a 40 serving tub and is available in three flavors including Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon. This product just dropped on the Metabolic Nutrition webshop, however we just got an order in and you should see it hitting the shelves here at Best Price Nutrition sometime in the coming days. 

May 20th 2023

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