MyoBlox SkyWalk Nootropic Supplement Getting a New "Red Wave" Flavor

MyoBlox SkyWalk Nootropic Supplement Getting a New "Red Wave" Flavor

MyoBlox is a supplement brand who's really made a name for themselves over the past year, and one of our favorite products here around the office is MyoBlox Skywalk, a powdered Nootropic Energy formula. MyoBlox which is currently available in four flavors including Caramel Apple, Peach rings, Purple Haze, and Smart as FK, is getting an all new flavor. 

The all new flavor of MyoBlox Skywalk is said to be called Red Wave. While MyoBlox hasn't really said what Red Wave will taste like, many fans of the brand were initially speculating Fruit Punch. We're hearing rumors however that Red Wave is actually supposed to taste like the Classic Red Bull Energy Drink. If this is the case it will be interesting to see what a non-carbonated and powdered version Red Bull would taste like, but we're anxiosu to try it out.

This product just dropped on the MyoBlox website. No word yet on whether this is a permanent or Limited Edition flavor and no word yet on whether this one will be exclusive to MyoBlox or whether it will be rolling out to retail partners like ourselves, but we'll keep you in the loop and share as we learn more. 

MyoBlox Skywalk 36 Servings


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May 20th 2023

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