New Gold Pina Colada 3D Energy Drink

New Gold Pina Colada 3D Energy Drink

Last week Christian Guzman's Lifestyle Energy Drink company 3D Energy announced they'd be rolling out an all new flavor. 3D Energy flavors are typically known more by the color of the can than the name of the flavor. Earlier this year 3D Energy came out with a Metallic Chrome colored can which wound up being a Strawberry Lemonade flavor. Around that time the brand hinted they may be rolling out another Metallic can later in the year. Last week images of a Gold can began surfacing online, though no word on what the flavor would be.

It's since come out that the all new Gold Can 3D Energy drink would be a Pina Colada flavor. The all new Gold Cans are being shown as a flavor option on Amazon currently, though that flavor is currently unavailable. No word yet on when this one will be officially rolling out to retail partners such as ourselves, however seeing as how they've revealed the flavor we're guessing we should have this one in soon. 

3D Energy Drink 12/Case


The all new Gold 3D Energy Drink flavor is coming soon. In the meantime feel free to checkout our 9 Flavors including Blue, Red, Green, White, Purple, Orange, Pink, Chrome, and Red White and Blue. 

May 20th 2023

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