New Noxygen Liquid Capsule Coming!

New Noxygen Liquid Capsule Coming!

Noxygen Liquid Caps

If you are like me, you absolutely love Noxygen from Purus Labs. This is what they call a "pump additive" because its perfect for adding to your favorite pre-workout supplement. It does not have stimulants or anything else like that, it's only a pump product. 

So why come out with a liquid capsule version of Noxygen? Some people just don't like the clumping. I personally love it, as it thickens your pre-workout up slightly. I don't see anything wrong that way. But some people do, so Purus Labs decided to address that issue and release a liquid capsule version. If you have never tried Noxygen, I would recommend giving it a shot. It's cheap and you can just mix it up with your pre-workout your using right now. It's clumpy yes, but I think you will enjoy the clump, at least you will love the results from it in the gym!

Our team here at Best Price Nutrition is excited to learn about this new product and see if the actual ingredients have changed at all. We just learned about everything today on the Stack3d website. But if you want more information direct from the horse's mouth, you can always head over to Purus Labs.

And if you want to try the original, we have it right here for just $19.99

May 20th 2023

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